Thursday, 31 July 2008

Reminiscing Old Times

I didn't get to catch up with lollies during the bloggers gathering at EE-Kay-Aah on Tuesday because uncharacteristically, my schedule was fully occupied for the first 3 days of the week. So we made an alternative arrangement to meet up today.

We set the venue as KLSentral as it is very convenient for us the Elektrik people and also MissKLSentral. I took the LRT with gartblue, pretty concerned when I saw her 1.5 inch heels which she assured me would not pose a problem for her at all walking from the office towards the LRT station. So there we were at this very Irish-ly named Kopitiam, at 12:45pm (the agreed time was 12:30) and staring at each other, guarding furiously the huge table with a not-so-discrete signboard saying Reserved for More than 5 People. Of course we had to wait for lollies who came about 15 minutes later to fill up the numbers while deflecting all the attempts from waiters and customers alike from our firmly-established territory right in front of main door which will usher in the hot humid air every time those uncivilised people left the huge door open upon entering.

MissKLSentral had an office function so she came much later at around 1:40pm. By then, the chit-chats had gone into full swing. It has been a while since we had this kind of conversation which was a regular feature on a normal weekday err, 5 years ago when all of us were working in the same department. Among the issues that came up was about this signboard when JackJack needed to ease himself, looking for the toilet. Read from afar, the dark blue arrows on a black background is totally invisible and it seemed to read Toilet Information. Ah well, that was the sort of things we chatted about anyway.

All in all, it was good fun. It was nice to be relive the old days once in a while. The last time I met KLSentral was the last time lollies met her during her last summer anyway. Of course, gartblue is still working in the same office but I have to practically walk the whole breadth of the building to get to her place because our rooms are simply at the opposite ends of the buildings and it would burn a reasonable amount of calories to make the trip...

Wednesday, 30 July 2008


I don't know why but it seems that efx2blogs is eerily quiet now (the ones that I'm subscribed to, anyway) apart from the updates from screwboy and myra. I have yet to clear my reader alerts so is it possible that almost all of my subscribed bloggers have moved away?

Anyway, back to the original topic. Tagged by myra in here
  1. 1st time naik kapal terbang (first time riding a plane)
  2. Definitely when I went to the land down under to start my high school there when I was 17.

  3. 1st time beranak (First delivery)
  4. Never had and never will be in the foreseeable future. And not a grain of curiosity how it would be too.

  5. 1st time gi overseas
  6. If the land of the screwboy doesn't count, then similar to no 1.

  7. 1st time duduk jauh drp family (First time staying away from family)
  8. Form 1 when I went to the school. Like myra, the little boy cried too :)

  9. 1st time kerja (First time working)
  10. When else but while waiting for SPM results. Tried waiting at a restaurant. Lasted for 1 day and couldn't get out of bed the day after, and after, and after.

  11. 1st time rasa diri gemuk (First time feeling that I'm fat)
  12. Never also, ehehehe.

  13. 1st time bercinta? (First time in love)
  14. Do falling in love with teachers count?

  15. 1st time rasa diri cantik?? (First time I think that I'm beautiful)
  16. Can I say when I started to appreciate beauty? ahahaha!

  17. 1st time masuk cinema (First time going into a cinema)
  18. Azura!!!! enough said.

  19. 1st time admitted in hospital
  20. On the very first week of question no 4 due to chicken pox. The loneliness made me glad to see that the school matron came to visit, until my parents made the 400km journey again after 3 days to pay a visit.

Who to tag? I'm running out of options actually so whoever feels like doing, leave a comment here and do lah!

Thursday, 17 July 2008


Three cheers for mosh! Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

I have finally transferred all my entries from my previous blog in efx2blogs. Like the physical counterpart, I supposed that provides the all-important milestone that I have moved permanently from the old home to the new one.

I am definitely going to miss the little, friendly and heartwarming ambience that we had there. It was the place that got me hooked to blogging and like they always say, you'd never forget your first girlfriend ehehe. When it crashed the first time, the admin side seeemed to be frantically working to rectify the situation. but this time around, they are nowhere to be seen. and they have been quiet for the past few months it seems. so, I came to the conclusion that the bloghosting facility has been on cruise-control for the past few months and the best decision to be taken in the interest of blogging would be to abandon ship.

while I was copying and pasting the entries into this new house, I came across the entry that I wrote when my father passed away. Call me sentimental but it still brought some tears to me and at the same time, reminded me why entries are important in the first place. Ok, I will try to be more vigilant on submitting entries hopefully from now on.

Gotta go for lunch. Ta ta for now.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

A New Beginning


This is finally my proper entry in this arena (if you can call it a proper entry). If you haven't been tuning into the programme, apparently I have managed to outlive my previous blog ( and it seems that nobody would be maintaining that blog host anymore. So I have no choice but to seek refuge in this "condominium blog" (quoting elisa). It was a lovely smallish closed community but all good things must come to an end and I suppose that was the end of it. I have reserved this name for quite some time (ever since the first catastrophe that has engulfed the previous blog before) planning to use it as a backup but never had the discipline to copy and paste. Spend quite a bit of time copying and pasting and i think I'd better write something first before I fell asleep with such repetitive and tedious task. 2 pages of entry lists down, 5 to go. I'll get to the aesthetics part when I am done archiving so in the mean time, you would have to bear with this one.

I'll skip the introductory bit because I would think only the regulars would be visiting this one. Not the most interesting blog this is. Not such much of mind-boggling revelations and not very informative as well.

Well, we shall get down to business then.

Alyssa has several firsts over the last weekend. On Friday, she spotted that her first permanent tooth has sprouted up from her lower jaw. Unfortunately, it has grown quite independently without pushing out the milk tooth. Being as vainly as I am on dental aesthetics, the first thing that we did after lunch on Saturday was to bring her to a dentist. So, her first experience with a dentist unfortunately was not a pleasant one because she had to endure the pain of pulling out a perfectly working milk tooth to accommodate the upcoming permanent tooth. Tears were welling out when she saw the huge anaesthetic syringe but took it in stride without a whimper uttered from the mouth.

I went to that particular dentist because it was within the vicinity of my house. Not by accident also because i happen to know that MissKLSentral also brings her children there. As the dentist was preparing the syringe and looking at Alyssa's card, she said that my name sounded familiar and asked me if the year I was born and then whether I was in the BTU programme before which I attended err 20 years ago ehehehe. And viola! She actually remembered me from those days and I was dropping names here and there while trying vainly to remember any event from those jurassic era that I could relate to her. Of course, I failed miserably that I had to call MissKLSentral to gain some clues on refreshing my memory which again amounted to nil. Possibly that was why I still had to pay RM60 for that tooth extraction :D. Must look for those old photo album when I go back to the hometown.

In the evening, Alyssa had requested me to fix her flat tyres in her abandoned bicycle and take off those small training wheels. She had tried riding on 2 wheels some time 2 months ago and failed miserably and she wanted to try again that day. After searching for a good half hour for a bicycle shop in the neighbourhood, i finally found a motorcycle shop which had a small section in the rear dedicated to bicycle and finally got the tube replaced at RM6! Wasn't it like RM1 during those times when I had to find a replacement tube for my own bike? I know, I know it's a long time ago :p.

When it was good to go, all I had to do was to aid her to get the bicycle moving and viola! Discounting the fact that she was riding over almost everything in her path, she was actually balancing on 2 wheels unaided. Have to reconsider the pledge that I made to her before that I would buy her new bikes when she could ride successfully ehehehe. By Sunday, she was happily zooming out and about and did not require any assistance anymore. That was definitely a lot easier than when I tried to learn myself and I am sure she would appreciate the fact that she did not have to endure the experience of having her private parts knocked violently onto the handle and horizontal bar while cruising downhill without control when trying to learn to ride on 2 wheels.

I haven't posted an entry for a while also and I think this entry is very dry. Ah well, I'd do better next time. This should be enough for my loyal fans (aha!), to know that I am still alive and well in the blogland. Till the next entry, my friends.