Thursday, 28 June 2007

hello, anybody home?

i am in no mood to work today. and efx2 seems to be haunted on this very day. so, this is my to-do (and have done) list for the day:

1- text che' chomeyll offering her the free service to put in the shoutbox in her deserted blog.

2- maximum procrastination with the resume building exercise.

3- apply half-day leave (that afternoon meeting could use my absence once in a while)

4- meet up with an em-ceed wifey for lunch.

5- get early update on pregnancy status.

6- try to be satisfied with the online-booked stale pirates movie if could not secure any transformers ticket (seriously a wishful thinking on its opening day).

7- go home and try to repay some sleep deficit brought about by 2 consecutive nights of 1:30 am bedtime routine.

Monday, 25 June 2007

blogger meet at midV

in exactly 2 weeks time on the 9th. july, the blogger meet at midV will be a reality (if the world is still around). so, time is really running out for the gyrating olab to impress, hehehe.

this post is to remind people that it is still ON, barring any unforeseen circumstances. the list of people who have stated their positions are as follows:

guests of honour (read must-come coz we fixed the date for them anyway)

1- the currently very-quiet-in-a-rush to complete all the packings lollies.
2- the anak-mithali whom spends time in hospital even-in-winter-holidays che' chomeyll. she might be dragging along a reluctant mr aie, by the way.

most probably will come

1- the shy2 me.
2- gartbiru srp, spm, gce, bsc, msc (whom goes there every other day anyway).
3- another shy guy (NOT!) theotheraj (he has no choice but to come).
4- the gyrating olab.
5- the celebrity rotinotti.
6- THE very-busy-working-on-weekends designer pb and her painter medic student sister intysaar.
7- the very preggy zany zan.
8- the wedding planner, cat/vet lover famygirl.
9- the always-described as selim melim and demure ld.
10- the conspicuously missing-for-several weeks amyra. she said before that she could come on behalf of fd but definitely she could come as herself hehehe.

the in-absentia attendees

1- the germ-spotter layth-mother fd whom would be in another reunion.
2- the pr1ncess of pers1a jammer elisa who would still be enjoying the intimate ps2 moments with her children.
3- the "hardworking" isteri mithali bee-in-too-much-love currently.
4- the forever nesting mak buyung with a bathroom-cleaning 5-year old girl (wowser!) nazrah.
5- the soon-to-be-a-book-author our miss ar@b nonah.

the ideal workers whom cannot ponteng (hence most probably won't make it)

1- the reading-while-cooking mother oo.
2- the one who has a cooking hubby mommyalif.

the unknowns (i.e. no tangible response so far)

1- the busy new parents with pasha beary bear and diah.
2- the grieving dory (she could use some entertainment though)

the maybes

1- the blogsp0ter artist qisst.
2- the just-invited busy bee butterflutter.

ok. i think that should cover most if not all of the "regulars". did i miss anyone? please don't ambik ati if i didn't include any of you. i will edit the post if you give me a buzz, you know.

ok. in terms of itinerary, it's quite simple.

1- 12.30pm: makan, talk, makan, talk (suggestions of restaurant please! my suggestion is little penang cafe coz don't think our guests of honour would appreciate ma1aysian food instead of western)

2- 1:30pm: ibadat time.

3- 2:30pm: bowling time.

lollies had informed me also most probably she won't be able to accommodate the second get-together session at home. so this would be THE only gathering. so sorry olab and rotinotti, there goes your chance of meeting wifey in the foreseeable future. unless she would like to join that 9th. afternoon. (eh! ok gak yang! jom! kita lama tak pi bowling dah since we're not going to that kd9 one)

Friday, 22 June 2007

pantang larang tok nenek

they say that marriage and partnership is all about compromise. true to certain extent, i say, if you still treasure your individuality. it is neither fun nor possible to have two people agreeing on all matters of life, living harmoniously hand in hand (though not necessarily happy) ever after. in the end, we all are the same because everybody is unique. the uniqueness in all of us would certainly paint a colourful picture in our lives even though the results would not always be pretty.

different approaches work for different people. some people would abide by the demands of others submissively and rants and rumbles in the background. some others would clash head on with endless bickering and still somehow manage to stay together forever. in my case, we set the extreme ends of the boundaries and argue our way forward within the grey areas.

while i will not bore you out of the juicy details in our relationship, what i am going to put down here are my extreme ends of my boundary, which i think is not too humiliating to be discussed in public, of course.

  1. carrying wifey's handbag: self-explanatory. one think that i hate to see most is when a guy is carrying a ladies handbag, ungracefully. to me, that is the most downgrading thing a woman could do to her partner, regardless how the situation look like. i mean, i would be ever-willing to substitute that half a kilo handbag to with two ultra-heavyweight 20kg babies any day. or those mountains of shoe boxes and multiple paper bags for the successful hunts of the day but no handbag please. i would make exception in life or death situation, most probably by keeping the handbag wedged securely in between my legs. or while clearing out the car when we reach home while babbling about it.

  2. honourable driver: in the confused world of ladies first and equal rights movements marching side by side, i perfectly accept the convention of male as the anchor, if not the only, driver of the family. but being an honourable full-time driver is a definite no-no for me. i simply could not fathom the idea of wives sitting in the rear with the children while husbands is driving alone in front. the title of the provider, head of the family and breadwinner is complementary enough but driver? of course i am a reasonable man so i would understand (and practised) the necessity those rear-facing child seat up front hence the need of the mother to be sitting at the back. but i couldn't wait for the baby to grow out of the rear-facing child seat and to be replaced with the forward-facing one and naturally it would be located in the rear seat.

i think that should be enough for now. no fun spilling all the beans at one time. so, care to share the lines not to be crossed of yours?

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

16 word stories

i am sad. somebody is leaving the company for good. inspires me to do the same.


i am bewildered! gartblue blabbered too much. maybe i should doink her on the head, hahahaha!


i am not vain. but my belt is running out of free space. should play sports.


i am planning to sleep early. i will not be the beloved pr1nce of pers1a tonight.


i am really running out of ideas to tell any more stories in sixteen words only.


i think it's better for me to stop this 16-word-story before i too blabbers too much.


i have to admit that this is fun. thank you elisa. and i say goodbye now.

Friday, 15 June 2007

balik kampung and superhero

for those who read the comments that i made in olab's entry would know what the title is all about. basically, my mum has had this polyccythaemia vera for a few years already. you can read about it more here (thanks beelove) and here. she has been suffering fever for almost 2 weeks and started to show those fingers and toes were starting to sore (what's that single word for fingers and toes again?) like when her ailment were at its peak about 2 years ago. according to the haematologist, those red sores is due to the iron deposits that could not be recirculated by the slow-moving blood hence reddish-bluish appearances.

initially, they thought of admitting her to monitor more on the progress. but thanks to the crony that we had in hospital me1aka, the results of the blood test, x-rays and diagnosis of the radiologist and haematologist confirmed that that ailment of hers is still in check (haemoglobin count of about 12 which is ok) so it could just be a viral infection. however, since i have already my bosses that i would take 2 days emergency leave, we still went balik kampung wednesday night and came back home at around 7pm yesterday. i could've gone to work today but just not motivated enough to wake up early to cancel another day of leave so just stayed in bed.

nevertheless, all the lembahkelang binmatsah (thanks mommyalif) balik kampung yesterday. almost everyone was there except for the one residing in the most north-eastern corridor of our semenanjung. a bit too far for her to come back. those sambal berlaukkan nasik meals that i had for the whole day long didn't help my digestive system that had to spent several hours within those 4 or 5 times to cater for those bowel movements. thankfully today, it has been re-regulated and it should go back to its once daily routine again.


one of the interesting news that i gathered from the balik kampung was the experience of 2 of my nephews aged 14 and 16 who are staying there. there were having afternoon snack (after school i think) at one of our favourite eatery (nothing fancy just a roadside warung with the best food and long waiting period) when suddenly 5 masked ch1nese thugs, armed with samurai sword in a black-tinted 1swara screeched to a halt by the roadside and started slashing a group of 5 ind1an men in the middle of their meals.

the end result wasn't pretty either. three of the slimmer ind1an men managed to scramble but the other 2 were not so lucky. one of them succumbed to fatal injuries while the other one who was chased after far from the crime scene had a severed arm, dangling with the only a tiny piece of skin holding them together and still fighting for his life in the icu. the satay seller also got slashed unintentionally when the thugs were swinging the sword to hit the man.

however, far from being traumatised, the boys were excitedly telling the story and even went to check out the man with the severed arm. i think the violence that we abundantly being fed in movies does that to us, and them. latest news that we heard is that one of the thugs had been caught. but to think that such event could happen in our little sleepy hollow is unthinkable when i was their age. in the name of progress, i guess.


in another news, i think i got all three categories above 99% for the heroes test which is totally illogical. so i'll do another one and put down the results properly here. i was the isaac guy when i did it and see if i would still be the same guy on the encore test.

Your Score: Isaac Mendez

You scored 29 Idealism, 45 Nonconformity, 70 Nerdiness

I need painting supplies.

Congratulations, you're Isaac Mendez! You're a talented, creative, artistic soul with a few demons you've been working to overcome. You are really passionate person and you are not afraid to express yourself or your emotions.

Your best quality: Creativity and artistic talent.
Your worst quality: A possibly addictive or indulgent personality

Link: The Heroes Personality Test written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test
hey i was right! all three was above 99% again! whatever that means. :-w but definitely very high on nerdiness. yay!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

inflation! inflation!

this is a short one. it's for the benefit of people who don't normally read metro. got this in my e-mail today.

that is one hell of an increase! i am one big fan of nasi kandar myself. but people, let's not whine and ask the gomen to bring them to court etc. just exercise our consumer power and go have nasi kandar somewhere else. if you still want to eat there, then don't complain at all.


on a lighter note (read from top to bottom):

apologies for the graphics-laden page for those on dial-ups. don't feel like writing today.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

ok la what?!

after spending some time on this one, getting @-) , this entry is just to show off my not-so-impressive new design, mostly copied from the template provided by keith and with some colour adjustments here and there. the very manly man one :p

given an expert hand, i think the design could use a little borders and colour blending. could also use a nicer photo rather than a squished jupiter. but it's late so this will have to make do.

while we are at it, why not put up another song of ms kra11's.

Monday, 11 June 2007

restyle is here

to celebrate the restyle, i'm uploading the kind of song that i used to listen to a lot a long time ago. brings back some memories. also the first time i'm uploading a song and putting it in my blog.

it is the kind of song that immediately brings up the ambience of candlelight dinner in those secluded corner tables, all dressed up to impress, giving out all the cues to invite the beautiful, mesmerising lady in front of you for those meaningful and romantic dance, the noisy and crowded restaurant fading into limbo. only happens in the movies. still...

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

the lack (of art) of naming

being a parent without a schoolgoing children yet, i guess i have to play the part of flooding the new blog alert of which even the very busy pb is complaining that she has nothing to read for the lack of postings in the efx2 circle *points to shoutbox*.

i was tagged by both olab and theotheraj on the naming the children tag. there's not much to reveal with the names of my children because all you see is what you get. i.e. my children's names are simply what i have been putting in for the previous entries, single words of alyssa and amelya.

we only started thinking about the names as wifey approaches the 7 months of incubation period (can i use those?). not due to the sin of procrastinating but just talking it easy and not going overboard on celebrating the occasion, just in case, which alhamdulillah, never ended up with any unexpected consequences.

my primary objective is simple, one word only. while it is nice to have long-winded names with beautiful meanings to boot, people won't go through the trouble of calling those names hence it will remain as it will ever be, official names only to be used when filling up forms for added bureaucracy. then of course, the secondary objective is to have a name that does not mean anything bad, no meaning is ok and good meaning is a bonus.

how did alyssa come about? i had always pestered wifey to propose a name, which she never came out with any towards the end. so i was left to my own device.

no, i never thought of that pretty actress with a fashion capital of the world surname as well. the name started of with a pretty malay (and tall) girl that i met in uni that goes by the name allyna with the russian spelling whose good looks befittingly matched the pretty name (not too mention the yummy body :D). and then, a good friend of mine (miss klsentral) had a daughter that goes by the name of arissa and i thought that was a nice name too. so, allyssa came about within a month before she popped out in which the double l's vetoed out by wifey to finally become alyssa. alyssa is also not a tongue-twister that anybody conversant in any language would not have any problem pronouncing either. looked it up in the net and books and found no bad meanings on the name so alyssa she became.

with alyssa's name credit going under my belt, i was hoping that wifey could supply the name of the second one but again, none was forthcoming. the craze that i had in me was that i wanted to give her a classic malay name in the line of dahlia or melor. but i never got to that yuu-em bookstore that lollies said would have such books so in the end, somehow the name emilia rosemera came to mind and twisted to be amelya to have similar 'a' and 'y' convention to alyssa.

wifey had voiced out her unequivocal rights in naming the third one. if he were a boy, i had arman in mind (going by the a convention) but she already said that she is not in favour of that name (whom unfortunately was a very naughty boy during my koleq days that got expelled in the end) but hasn't offered any alternative yet. if she's a girl, i think i have run out of ideas on what to name her and maybe i should go to that yuu-emm bookshop and buy that book quickly.

so, tagging time. i am tagging four people here for their children names:
  1. nectar: let's see how those arif's come about.

  2. daisymalas: don't think she would be malas in naming, heheh

  3. qisst: let's see how gobok baru's name come about and any planned names for unborn goboks.

  4. mamarawks: urls says it all, how rawks are the juniors.