Friday, 22 June 2007

pantang larang tok nenek

they say that marriage and partnership is all about compromise. true to certain extent, i say, if you still treasure your individuality. it is neither fun nor possible to have two people agreeing on all matters of life, living harmoniously hand in hand (though not necessarily happy) ever after. in the end, we all are the same because everybody is unique. the uniqueness in all of us would certainly paint a colourful picture in our lives even though the results would not always be pretty.

different approaches work for different people. some people would abide by the demands of others submissively and rants and rumbles in the background. some others would clash head on with endless bickering and still somehow manage to stay together forever. in my case, we set the extreme ends of the boundaries and argue our way forward within the grey areas.

while i will not bore you out of the juicy details in our relationship, what i am going to put down here are my extreme ends of my boundary, which i think is not too humiliating to be discussed in public, of course.

  1. carrying wifey's handbag: self-explanatory. one think that i hate to see most is when a guy is carrying a ladies handbag, ungracefully. to me, that is the most downgrading thing a woman could do to her partner, regardless how the situation look like. i mean, i would be ever-willing to substitute that half a kilo handbag to with two ultra-heavyweight 20kg babies any day. or those mountains of shoe boxes and multiple paper bags for the successful hunts of the day but no handbag please. i would make exception in life or death situation, most probably by keeping the handbag wedged securely in between my legs. or while clearing out the car when we reach home while babbling about it.

  2. honourable driver: in the confused world of ladies first and equal rights movements marching side by side, i perfectly accept the convention of male as the anchor, if not the only, driver of the family. but being an honourable full-time driver is a definite no-no for me. i simply could not fathom the idea of wives sitting in the rear with the children while husbands is driving alone in front. the title of the provider, head of the family and breadwinner is complementary enough but driver? of course i am a reasonable man so i would understand (and practised) the necessity those rear-facing child seat up front hence the need of the mother to be sitting at the back. but i couldn't wait for the baby to grow out of the rear-facing child seat and to be replaced with the forward-facing one and naturally it would be located in the rear seat.

i think that should be enough for now. no fun spilling all the beans at one time. so, care to share the lines not to be crossed of yours?

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