Friday, 29 August 2008

Celebrating Life

How can a life filled with laughters, loves, friendships, responsibilities, food and other worldly leisures can still be soooo lonely at times? I guess that is the beauty of life in the first place.

p/s: Selamat menyambut Ramadhan to all.

Thursday, 28 August 2008

My Guardian Angel

I am not sure if anything I were to say in here would be against our aqidah. If it were, please feel free to alert the jahil me.

I have always believed that I have a guardian angel consistently looking over my shoulder, watching out for any significant missteps that I am about to execute in the course of my life. We all should have, right? But I also believe that mine has been working hard indeed. Reflecting back, I can think of many many occasions in which some actions that I would have taken or some decisions that I would have made could have steered into the dark, unknown paths that I should not have ventured into in the the first place.

While I was not a troubled child that was consistently bringing pain and heartaches to my parents, I am not a model citizen either. There are things that I have done that would simply serve as membuka pekung di dada if I were to put it down here. However, those things that I have done are either "harmless", as Gartblue has described me, or those are the harmful things purely on short term basis and were in no way would have any grave consequences or reverberating impact on the general direction of my life.

Thanks to this very hard-working Guardian Angel of mine, I am still in the "right" path, God willing. Whenever I was about to execute the milestones that would make me veered considerably into the dark side, those tasks were either simply impossible to perform or there was no way I could proceed with the chosen course of action or it was just simply the wrong timing for it, which I could only attribute it to the work of some unseen hands. There were times when I had to simply get back to the "right" path with no other options left for me to do.

If you are confused, I am too. But at least I know that I am still moving in the correct direction. And for that, I thank you God. Amin.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Athyra's Aqiqah Ceremony

We went back to our hometown at 3:00pm on Friday, the day before the ceremony. I was somehow too tired to even witness the slaying of the cow. Slept through the whole event and only woke up to help out cut out the meat into edible pieces.

I do notice that this is my third consecutive posts featuring this little, generously-haired little person. However, there were some requests of the photo of the dress being put on the intended person so here it is.

In danger of becoming a trend, I also missed the marhaban ceremony. I was grudgingly negotiating the low pressure shower in the bathroom due to water being utilised extensively somewhere else hence a extended version of the routine (which is quite long in its optimal state. By the time I was properly dressed in that purple baju melayu and adorned with a decorated songkok, the ceremony was already over. The photo that you see of her was captured by some other person and Alyssa whom were entrusted to take photos was more interested to capture the regiment of marhabannis (if I could call them that) instead of taking snapshots of Athyra's crown being snipped away. Thankfully, her thick locks survived the ideal almost unscathed and we have long decided before not to shave it off. If you must know, that photo there was taken after the ceremony and there is not much visible change to her glorious crown.

Despite the last minute notification by a text message in the previous night, 2 missed calls and an unreplied text message from her, Lollies did make it to the event, awakening me from my deep slumber after the marhabban ceremony was done when she arrived at around 1pm. Thank you Lollies! I am not sure whether they had enough to eat or not but I made sure to ask them to the point of irritation whether if they have had enough to eat. And they (Mr Lollies, Lollies and and the Lollies Junior) stayed well over until 4pm when they decided to make a move before I stopped them because Rotidua gave me a call saying that she was still deciding to drop by 5 km away from my parents' en route to her own hometown to pick up her children.

In the end, Rotinotti decided not to stop by despite seeing me from the main road chatting away in those purple baju melayu with Lollies. Lollies' theory was not she was not in her best tudung and mine was that the sight of me could be compared to how it was described by Fahri in Ayat2 Cinta as a drop of dew dropping onto his heart, very soothing and clearing off any doubts whatsoever upon his choice of bride. No I have not read the book nor saw the movie and that description was purely a regurgitation of a third party narration and that description could be slightly of-tangent so forgive my ignorance if you must. And due to such an overwhelming feeling, Roti got cold feet and decided not to drop by (ahahaha!).

Anyway, the second photo is the one I took myself after somebody knocked some senses into me and by that time, all the actions were over and our celebrity of the day was getting her beauty sleep to survive another day.

Somehow I have not been in this kind of blogging mood for a while and it is more than obvious that this rambling has been a lot more than necessary to describe a small occasion by any measure of grandness. It could be due to the fact that I have been very well-rested over the weekend despite having to participate in 2 kenduris and 1 birthday party all within the course of 2 days covering some distance in excess of 300kms. With that, I bade farewell, for now, before I go on and on boring all the readers to death.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Invitation to Athyra's Aqiqah

I haven't been posting many comments lately even though I have been a silent reader for most of the alerts that was received via my reader. Pretty distracted lately with work and other things. Life has been quite a topsy-turvy affair, good or bad depending on your perspective. Nothing much more than that I could possibly put down in here so I'll leave that as that. Notwithstanding, I have been well, should you be wondering. We shall get down to business then.

We would be having Athyra's kenduri aqiqah in the Land of the Mousedeer tomorrow Saturday 11:45am. So if you happen to pass by the area, please drop by and give me a call for direction. If you don't have my number, err how to give out eh? Can try e-mailing me or ask from lollies, gartblue, zan, olab, rotinina and some other people who has my number i think, if they haven't deleted it from their phone book eheheh.

She would be wearing this lilac-laced beige dress, finally completed by wifey last night which I think looked really nice especially considering that she had never been in any formal sewing class. I might not talk much about my wife in here (ehehehe!). maybe 1 day I'll put a compilation of her works in the house. Quite impressive, I'd have to say (puji isteriku sekali-sekala :))

So people, anybody who is interested in attending this gala event, please buzz me. This is not an ajak-ajak ayam kind of invitation. I would really appreciate it if anybody could join us

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Little Updates

Some little updates more towards self-reminder thingy.

  • Athyra is taking baby steps just now. Hopefully she'll be walking by raya time to wear that little creamy-purplish dress made by wifey last night gracefully.

  • Atypically received enough sleep for 2 nights in a row. Yesterday night, slept at 8.30pm due to sleep deprivation. Last night? "Forced" to sleep early due to the above. The bane of having the PC and sewing machine occupying the same table.

  • Hope of weaning Amelya of that nightly diapers somehow disappeared. Few nights ago, she was dry for 4 nights in a row. Not quite for 2 days now.

  • I know those before bedtime spelling bouts with Alyssa is very beneficial. Let's see how long it could last. Have to think of more intermediate words for her.

note: picture is for illustration purposes only. no relation to entry whatsoever. taken in the car en route to work this morning

Friday, 8 August 2008

Aye aye Sir!

Always say yes when the boss asks to do anything. Work out the nitty gritty details later or even go back to him/ her if you encounter difficulties of a gigantic scale. But always say yes first

My working life has been based on that simple principle, survival principle I'd like to call it. It shouldn't be hard to adhere to and very workable. Maybe I should tell that to that dumb, always-deviating-from-topic-of-discussion, clueless Senior Manager in the daily morning meeting under heavy artillery from the General Manager who was very much in line, correct and factual about what he was talking about. Even how clueless or pointless you are, being ignored about many irrelevant stuff you brought about, please don't display your foolishness to 30 over people in the meeting room including those 1-month old engineers. An OK followed by some nodding would have been enough to minimise the already decimated image of yours. No I am not angry at anybody even though he made me had my breakfast a good half hour later. I just wonder what he has learnt over 20 years of working, that's all.