Thursday, 16 July 2009

Negative Vibes All Abound

It could be the alignment of the planets and the stars, if those horoscopes or quasi-science astrology were to be believed. Or the aura that has been circulating in this world. Or purely coincidental. Several people that I have interacted with for the past few days has not been feeling particularly happy about various things in their lives. And those are the ones that told me about it. In real life and virtually, as in the case of Mrs. KM here or even the ever-positive and vibrant elisa. And since many people who blogs around my circle of virtual (and not so virtual) friends would normally share about happy happy stuff, the absence of updates could be safely inferred as negative vibes enveloping them as well, no?

Myself included. Have not been feeling on top of the world for the past few days. I guess life is all about balance, especially after having loads of fun which I did not blog about going through this trip with 99% fun and 1% work. But, as usual, will ride through this, kalau umur panjang. No, I am nowhere near of committing the unimaginable. I have a full weekend schedule to go through which should be fun. And it's only Thursday today. One more day to go before the weekend starts. Almost there.

Friday, 3 July 2009

The Musang is a Man?

For those who are so infatuated with the musang yang bermata kucing, please click on this link. har har har!

But, fret not. Here's an answer to the conspiracy theory. zzzz! Get a life people! More pressing matters to debate on. Like world peace, for example.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Gambar Si Jantan yang Sorang

As requested by Zan yang dah lama tak submit entry tu.

Since I'm already submitting an entry, might as well list down some of his progress for future references
  • about 7.5kg weighed on 28th.Jun, one day before he turned 5 months old

  • can flip on his stomach and back at will

  • will produce some cooing sounds with some effort and laughs when his kakak plays peekaboo with him

  • not entirely static anymore. starts to move around quite a bit

  • can lift up his butt already and has enough bodily strength to go astern

  • can hold objects with both hands and put into his mouth but has not been seen passing the objects from one hand to the other

  • can definitely recognise his sedara by exhibiting delighted expressions upon seeing ayah and mama coming home from the office. but peekaboo game can only be performed successfully by alyssa. i have tried and failed miserably

  • word of caution! athyra has been caught grabbing him by the ankles and pull him towards her on the bed. definitely not safe to leave them together unsupervised especially on the bed, isk!

that's all folks!