Friday, 30 March 2007


nobody in my physical world have any problems identifying my y chromosome. i have a chest that would not even justify a trainee brassiere. and those facial hair that requires my attention at least twice a week. i am also fortunate to have hairs on my legs that some unlike some unlucky guys that i know of and thankfully not as much as another unlucky guy whose hairs twirls enough to trap even an unsuspecting fly. i even have few strands (literally) of hair sprouting on the chest.

never knew need to put comma after environmentalmy first photo

i have measurements that will neither make a supermodel or beauty peageant contestants envious nor unfortunately, lusty. i have my share of burps and flatulences. i snore so loudly that i found my wife sleeping on the floor on our first night. and i don't possess any of those "gentle" qualities that some men do.

unfortunately, it is a different story altogether for my alter-ego self in the virtual world. devoid of the physical appearance and with only scattered clues of my physical existence, it is somehow plausible to some people that i have too many x's in my chromosomes. apparently, a concise and crystal clear of the nature of my gender in the profile is not matched by the way that i write! i have yet to clarify write in this instance refers to the way i am describing matters in my entries like this one or my physical handwriting that was posted in my previous entry here.

the story behind the creation of this avatar which i have grown so fondly of could be found here. and somehow, a lot people insisted that the background is pink and i, who is the one who took the photo, have always insisted that the background is actually a purple blanket that has received too much flashlight hence turned into somewhat pinkish colour.

while i have successfully brushed off the constant teasing of rotidua and theotheraj about the pinkishness of the avatar and occasional mentions by lollies and gartblue, the last straw is definitely a comment made by a ms sarah mr in futuredoc's on the side entry. fd, if i may reproduce the comment here:

sarah mr: hye kak -----. u know what, i also thought moshimoshi was a female even though i did open up his blog page.. lol... i didn't even bother to read his profile.. =)

ms sarah mr, wherever you are, believe me, i am a male and i am putting this to you here so that you don't have to read my profile.

while my original plan was to sephia-ised the whole photo, alas my photo editing skills with gimp is somewhat limited. hence, i was left with the option of zapping out all the magenta colours to ensure that any remote traces of pinkishness will not come out in the end product hence the earthy tone of my new avatar.

to my old avatar, i am going to miss you very much. while i have been a loyal partner and it had never crossed my mind that i will end up to be with your identical twin sister instead when we met, unfortunately, circumstances forced us to head separate ways. i now bade you farewell and i will love you, always.

[ endnote: i wonder why is it such a big thing if a guy knows that lilac is a colour! the hero in one those barb1e movie noticed the falsification of the princess's note because it was written in lilac stationery and not the princess's favourite colour, pink. he is a guy. and definitely, there's more than 50% chance that the director and scriptwriter were also males. i don't know... ]

Thursday, 29 March 2007

news of the day

there were two pieces of news that caught my eyes today.

ever since i moved into the neighbourhood in the year 2001 when the place were definitely not at the advanced developed stage as it is now (we didn't even have the luxury of streetlights en route home), i have always thought that this is going to be a very big development with 2 must-have facilities not properly planned for this area, a mosque and a tanah pusara (graveyard) * wink to nonah :D *. i mean, with the projected population explosion of living people around here, where are we going to go to get the final rest in peace?

then, dedicated to two full pages in the metro section of thebintang were the dispute arising related to this matter.

one of the headlines of the few related articles was (with some extracts). you could read the whole article here:

Finally, a RIP place for Kota Damansara

THE first Muslim cemetery in Kota Damansara will be ready next month, according to Kota Damansara state assemblyman Datuk Mokhtar Ahmad Dahlan.

He said the cemetery, located in Section 8, will receive its first 'occupant' in April.

MNS and a coalition of residents from several areas in Kota Damansara who call themselves Friends of Kota Damansara have been fighting to protect the area from development.

it's supposed to be a wish came true for me, at least. but while i could understand the opposition from those bungalow lot owners about their prospective no-nonsense, peaceful and very quiet neighbours, i don't understand why they have to clear up a fast-shrinking virgin forest for that purpose. as a self-proclaimed tree-hugger, now i found myself in a limbo state of being overjoyed or aghast of such development.

now, the second news had a title Beef diet 'damages sons' sperm'. you can read the full article here . and some extracts:
Scientists have produced evidence to suggest that Europe was right to ban the beef industry from using growth promoters to increase yield.

A US study has linked use of the chemicals to damage to human sperm.

The University of Rochester found men whose mothers ate a lot of beef during pregnancy had lower sperm counts.

They found those whose mothers ate more than seven beef meals a week had an average sperm concentration of 43.1 million sperm per millilitre of seminal fluid.

In contrast, the sons of mothers who ate less beef had an average of 56.9 million sperm.

don't think those kampung cows have this growth hormones injected into them. but i pity those pregnant mothers of boys who mengidam (long for) steak all the time.

just a friendly community service reminder. which reminds me of that yummy sizzling garlic steak in stesen victoria that i haven't had for a long time.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

what? one word only?

YAYYY! finally we are connected to the world, again. if you have been wondering why gartblue, theotheraj and meself have been missing conspicuously putting up entries and commenting, it's just that our internet connection had been totally screwed in the office. and hopefully now, it's back for good.

now is lunch time and i had an early lunch. so, while other people are busy having lunch and the internet connection is suddenly up again, the speed is uncharacteristically blazing in the office. so i'm taking this opportunity to get this one word meme over and done with, tagged by a doctor in the making and notes of a lost self.

Type ONE Word only for each... And DO NOT EXPLAIN IT!!

Yourself: satiated.

Your Lover: tak_geng.

Your Hair: standing up.

Your Mother: food.

Your Father: fitter.

Your Favorite Item: internet.

Your Dream Last Night: none.

Your Favorite Drink: juice.

Your Dream Home: spotless.

The Room You Are In: airy.

Your Pets: dislike.

What You Are Now: slave.

Who You Want to be in Ten Years: me.

What You Want to be in Ten Years: surplus.

What You're Not: sulky.

One of Your Wishlist Items: six-pack.

Your Gender: male.

The Last Thing You Did: exhale.

What You Are Wearing: shirt.

Your Favorite Weather: windy.

Your Favorite Book: lotr.

The Last Thing You Ate: nasi-goreng (kira okla).

Your Life: content.

Your Mood: ok.

Favorite article of clothing: shorts.

Favorite color: purple.

School: nerd.

Song: relaku...

don't want to tag anybody la for a change.

Friday, 23 March 2007

quirky devices

was reading this article in thebintang intech about weird devices that they come up with to be connected to the usb ports and they gave me chuckles. for the full article, go here. very weird indeed.

if you haven't read the article, i will list down the gadgets and brief description here:

  • usb powered fans: in the shape of an island with a single palm tree and a cutie duck. won't know it's a fan because the palm leaves acts as the fan blades, the palm trunk is the adjustable pivot and the duck is the switch.

  • usb missile launcher: labelled as wmd (weapon of miniature destruction). would actually launch projectiles that could be controlled with the software. prepares you for this means war moments.

  • sticky tape usb hub: combination of a usb hub and sticky tape dispenser. whatever for?

  • usb glass/ mug warmer/ cooler: heats and cools too in 10 mins. how pampered do you want to be?

  • usb stink buster: two types actually. handy for those close encounters with the smelly kind in the office

  • fat pinky piggy: which by the way is a two way speaker and cd player. you use the springy tail to control the volume

  • and my favourite is entitled catch up with the rat race: i'll just copy the description from the article.

YOU might have not been allowed to bring your pet hamster to the office, but a quirky USB-powered rodent would surely be welcomed in any workplace.

The USB Hamster Wheel features a little plush hamster that will run in its exercise wheel whenever you type.

Just put in two AA batteries, plug its cable into an available USB port and install the software. Then, start typing – the faster your fingers hit the keyboard, the faster the hamster runs. Who knows? Getting to see this little hamster speeding on the wheel could motivate you to quickly finish that report your boss wanted.

the thing i like about this thing is that the speed actually matches the speed of you typing the keyboard! those burung belatuk (two-fingered) typist would actually be hard-pressed to make the hamster work very hard but can't imagine what it would do with those people that can type 400 words per minute.

and definitely will be an inspiration to the people who writes very very long entry like me and nonah, hehe.

[ i forgot to add this last night due to the incessant knockings on the door by four little hands asking me to put them to bed ]

it would definitely be a must-have product if the hamster could be customised to something else, like your bosses figurine for example. apart from motivating and keeping you company during those late nights at the office finishing up the reports that your bosses returned back you at 5pm to be handed in by tomorrow, it will also be inspirational to see that he/ she is also working hard turning those wheel while you're typing the report.

Sunday, 18 March 2007

handwriting meme (improvised jawi phrase)

the idea of this entry came about the thank you note entry that i've posted before here.

the basic idea behind this is that we have seen so many typewritten messages in this blogging world about a person and photos alike. but, one of the true essence of a person that remains mostly hidden is one's handwriting. assuming that his/her handwriting would be another window to the person's soul, i am trying to be innovative here and start this tag entry for anybody that you wish to see their handwriting. keeping the tag simple by not asking the person to write a full essay or something like that, the tag simply ask the tagged people to write a simple pangram.

thanks for mr hafiz238 for providing the wiki link. (copied from wiki) A pangram (Greek: pan gramma, "every letter"), or holoalphabetic sentence, is a sentence which uses every letter of the alphabet at least once. while pangrams are normally used to display typefaces and test new fonts and in this case, we are testing the news fonts which is unique to one person only. if any lithography expert disagrees with me, send me a private message.

not being innovative enough, i would use the two long pangrams that is given in the wiki page and not crack my head to create another one. okay. the chosen pangrams are:

  • How razorback-jumping frogs can level six piqued gymnasts!

  • All questions asked by five watch experts amazed the judge

and as a bonus, for people who are jawi literate (no cheating), i would also include a jawi phrase for people to show off their beautiful jawi script. but in this one, i have tried g00gling in vain looking for a jawi pangram and i just cannot be creative enough to come up with a pangram that accounts for all alphabets in jawi script that covers all variations of initial, median and final forms of the alphabets. so this will do, unless somebody can come up (and type it in here which believe me, is such a painful process ~X( ) with a better phrase. and all those spelling bees out there, feel free to correct any spelling mistake that i have in the phrase.

ساي ماكن ناسي چمڤور برسام ايكن دڠن لمبت دان طمع سكالي، مك اوق برصبر سهاجله

there you go. oopps! almost forgot to put up a picture of my own handwriting.

ok then. since i knew already how lollies, gartblue and theotheraj's handwritings look like, i am going to tag che' chomeyll and futuredoc to do this.

[edited] phrase extended due to che' chomeyll excellent addition to include additional letters. but i am not going to rewrite mine :D [edited]

Saturday, 17 March 2007

the world through camera lens of a five-year-old

finally, an entry which i'm not going to say much. just a collection of photos taken by my five-year-old girl, alyssa whom thankfully haven't dropped both the videocam and camera phone, yet.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

kerana perbuatanmu m@la@ysia and bijik getah

qisst had this 107 entry that casually asked the readers to continue kerana perbuatanmu m@laysia and remarked ada hadiah menanti anda. while i am never good with slogans and never expected any prizes anyway, i just lazily replied kerana perbuatanmu malaysia, saya menjadi seorang belogger. and wonder of wonders, i won the grand prize!

the prize was delivered by his nephew to my office last friday and i have promised to put up an entry as a token of appreciation (i know, it's been almost a week and unfortunately i don't submit one entry per day :) ).

when the present was delivered, it was in a box that looked like this. of course there was a wrapper and i couldn't wait to go home and just ripped it off out of curiosity. and i was wondering, did she know something that i knew that i have a hypertension or anything like that?

when the box was opened, i found an artistically written congratulatory note (obviously by the ever-artistic qisst).

and if by now you feel like killing me due to curiosity about the present, here it is. a huge ashtray (so fitting for a smoker) which look very nice to my untrained eyes that i don't think i would use it as an ashtray but as an art deco bowl instead. (note: the frog is attached to the ashtray/ bowl; i don't think i have a live one happily hopping inside the house. outside nowadays dah start nak ada balik sebab hujan quite consistent nowadays)

while i am all for electronic communications for the obvious advantages of speed, accuracy and seamlessness, i don't think that i am alone in thinking that a written note/ letter delivers the most personal and sincerity in conveying your message. i should have replied her note when the present was delivered but i didn't. so, i am going to do the next-best thing which is to publish my thank you note here.

p/s2- apologies for misspelling qisst in the thank you note :D

and somehow quite fittingly, especially for rotidua whom had never seen one, one of the buah tangan (thank you gift) given by the host of a wedding reception in b@gan dat0h over the weekend was this decorated bijik getah (rubber tree-Hevea brasiliensis seed) that was the hot topic in her the visuals entry. but the natural one would not be as shiny as this as it is lacquered for that glossy feeling.

Monday, 12 March 2007

alphabet march

our trigger happy oflionandbear blogger buddy has been so happy tagging everybody around and she is so anxious to see the results that she even missed her bangk0k trip! :laugh: so, here is the a-b-c piece of mind:

  • A is for age: don't need to tell you this. you can see in my profile, 24 biological.

  • B is for beverage of choice: juices and latte for coffee.

  • C is for career right now: kuli batak forever.

  • D is for your dog's name: damn, i hate those little irritating and noisy chihuahua.

  • E is for essential item you use everyday: food? toilet? too many to list down.

  • F is for favorite TV shows at the moment: don't watch tv actually. i try to catch dr house whenever i balik kampung. crayon shin can counts?

  • G is for favorite game: as of now? sports- squash and other other court game (except takraw- kaki bangku lorrr) computer game- haven't played for a while either, maybe prince of persia.

  • H is for home town: alor gajah, melaka. not complicated like some people though my mum was born in selangor. no jokes about alor in gajah, ok? heard all of them. :D

  • I is for instruments you've played/play: one classical song in piano (courtesy of ex, hehe) play little guitar also just enough to attract attention, hehe. the last time i played must be like years ago.

  • J is for favorite juice: mango, orange, apple in that order.

  • K is for whose butt you'd like to kick: tried kicking mine whenever i did or said something silly but never quite achieved the desired results.

  • L is for last restaurant you ate at: berj@ya in bangsar, just came back actually. so, cooling off period in this superbly sizzling weather is spent by doing this.

  • M is for marriage: once hopefully. going to be seven this year with two princesses.

  • N is for your full name: not important in this instance, you'll have to make do with moshimoshi.

  • O is for overnight hospital stays: three times. first and the longest, i was in boarding school and had chicken pox (sadly it was the very first week of my boarding school life. the combination of loneliness in a hospital and homesickness was a killer. but i ended up spreading the disease anyway). second time, two nights for acl reconstruction surgery in melben. third time, one night only - dengue fever.

  • P is for people you were with today: the same people every working day, family in early morning, work mates after that.

  • Q is for quote: kerana perbuatanmu malaysi@, aku menjadi belogger. i know not so inspiring but at least it won me the grand price in qisst contest, hehe.

  • R is for biggest regret/mistake: i wish i could be a six-footer. should've walloped all those proteins when i had the chance.

  • S is for status: sex symbol?

  • T is for time you woke up today: 6.00am. considered late for normal working days but thankfully cuti sekolah. sempat gak sampai office just in time.

  • U is for the underwear your wearing right now: g. the string must have been lost somewhere in the nether world.

  • V is for vegetables you love: don't quite love veggie but eat most of them with the exception of brussel sprouts (uggh). maybe mushroom i love lots.

  • W is for worst habit: scratch and sniff. no further elaboration required.

  • X is for x-rays you've had: several times. medical check-up, acl checkup. but never lungs screening due to excess tar and nicotine yet. :D

  • Y is for yummy food you ate today: wantan kari mee in berj@y@. * slurp! slurp! yummy *

  • Z is for zodiac sign: born sept 23. so i am one those confused libra/virgo people. i am not really into zodiac but for some people who knew me, they said i am a libra with a lot of virgo qualities. not quite sure what they meant.

so, who to tag? since our olab has tagged most of the people in efx2, i hereby tagged all my regular readers in blogsp0t, hoooraay! sounds a lot but trust me, not that many and you know who you people are... :-w

Friday, 9 March 2007

terr0r1st and tootbrush

i know that it is difficult to see the relationship between the two subjects mentioned above. the first one is the reason why i am up at 5.00 in the morning submitting an entry and the second one is just a topic that i have thought of posting but not worthy to be on its own and when the two is combined together, you'll get an entry that talks about nothing at all.

i was sitting in front of this pc last night trying to finish up a little bit of work but when i saw those two big pleading eyes standing at the door saying kakak nak tidur dengan ayah, i went inside the bedroom planning to lullaby her to sleep and resume working. which of course would happen very very rarely and i would be dragged into the la la land as well instead.

i don't know where the wild imagination came from but basically i was jolted up from my sleep from the nightmare that i had that wifey had instantly morphed from a working mother of two to the most wanted terr0r1st in our bolehland within one night! i am never good at remembering dreams so don't ask me for details. but as far as i can remember, the dream started normal enough with my whole normal family and my parents were walking around (shopping i think) and my parents bumped into some nice people that they met when they went to phooket the last time.

then, somehow they joined us and at one point, we stopped by at a restaurant to have lunch together. while we were having lunch, wifey had some unsettled business (which i can't remember what, most probably more shopping) and she happened to follow those guys while myself, the kids and my parents waited up for her at the restaurant. just like in the movies, while we were waiting for hours, we found out that kementer1an kew@angan building which was not too far away from our dining place had be b0mbed and we were looking at wifey's photos plastered all over the tv as one of the suspected terr0r1st. apparently, those guys were planning to do it all along and unfortunately she tagged along with them and unwillingly dragged into the drama.

suffice to say, we couldn't go anywhere else while the road was totally jammed due to police roadblocks everywhere looking for the suspects and within hours, the police found us out and started asking questions about wifey's whereabouts.

and to end a very long ambiguous story, i finally met her somewhere in a long winded and hidden back alley which is not very typical of our bolehland architecture after contacting her on her mobile phone with a "borrowed" phone (i lost mine in the commotion- so typical of me). she was wearing a spiderman costume (?) as a disguise and needless to say not very happy but had managed to see off the children in the car.

okey dokey, since that came out much longer than i thought it would be, i'll cut short this one instead.

pictured is the type that i regularly used nowadays, @qu@fresh whitening toothbrush. while i am not particularly the type of person that brushes his/her teeth after every meal, i'll try to get every single thing out of my mouth every time i brush hence a very long session indeed, not less than 10 minutes at one go. and the only reason why i chose this brush is because it has those rubber bristles (?) (not really bristles but more like thin slices of rubber interspliced within the bristles) that is supposed to scrub your teeth to make it whiter. hey, i need to take care of those pearly whites for a brighter smile. :D

it has been trumpeted you should change your toothbrush every six month (or is it three months?) calculating the average wear and tear assuming that you brush twice a day. but i never had a chance to wear out the bristles at all. normally these brushes will quit on me after the second month because those rubber suspension that is supposed to guard you from damaging your gums for brushing too hard will be torn and the toothbrush will be looking like a person with his/ her head snapped and limping on the sides.

i have used these types of brushes before (similar but without the rubber scrubber) and i manage to wear it out beyond its useful date. so i am giving the fourth one that i am currently using the very last chance to prove itself out or i'm switching to another type.

ok. back to work then.

Saturday, 3 March 2007

breaking news!!!

we bring to you this emergency bulletin to announce that reports have been received that an unidentified soldier has managed to penetrate the defences of the besieged fortress.

after years of military campaign with the loss numbering to millions of soldiers, it was reported that one unidentified soldier finally managed to penetrate the stronghold. while the war has been waged for many years, currently only two soldiers had achieved the miracle by penetrating the fortress and both are reported to be coming from the female squadrons.

while a truce had been declared some time last year to remove the unfair advantage of an almost impenetrable shield by the defending party, the fighting that resumed almost immediately seemingly did not alter the outcome of the status quo experienced beforehand. the stronghold had been barricading on so strongly, giving no chance to the marauding party and just fended off all the assaults as easy as a giant swatting a fly. but the defender should have known better that good news won't last forever.

while rumours regarding the breach had been circulating in the air for the past few days, satellite imaging in the early morning had finally confirmed the success of that soldier by showing two distinct territorial red lines normally carved out by a successful campaign.

the details of the incursion is still unclear. it is still the very early stage of the quest therefore we could not divulge more information such as the gender and the state of health of the soldier or if there had been more than one soldier that had successfully breached the defence. it is strongly believed however that the latter is most unlikely according to the historical records of both the offensive and defensive parties dating back several generations before.

we will bring you more updates as more information is made available from an expert opinion on the subject matter and more sophisticated imaging devices such as sonar topography for confirmation purposes.

now, on the other news ....

Friday, 2 March 2007

sequal to gartblue's breakfast

fundamental information: my parking space is next to gartblue's in the office.

don't have much time to write coz i have a meeting at 3.00 but i have to submit this or it will be never. as the title suggest, this entry is a continuation of the day that gartblue had mentioned in her breakfast entry.

image borrowed from gartblue's entry. ok now into the story (finally!).

i didn't have breakfast this morning except for my early daily caffeine dose from the coffee machine because i had to settle several things in the morning therefore i was really starving at 10.30am. thought of going alone to berj4y4 but then thinking that gartblue loves the food there as well, i just gave her a buzz and she immediately said yes, so of we went walking to the parking lot which is 5 minutes walking from our office

as i was unlocking my car, i heard that suddenly gartblue gave out a very surprised yelp of where's my car?. she was already weak on her knees and was staring blankly into the blank space normally occupied by her car dazed and mouth gaped open like she was looking at a black hole forming in her parking spot.

it must have been at least a good 30 seconds that she finally managed to knock some senses into herself and smiled sheepishly saying something like ^&$*(@& of course. we sent the other car (the one pictured) to the workshop and i'm not driving today!. well, what can i say except trying to erase that astonished look on her face from my memory.

it is a well-known fact that it is impossible to find an almost-free roadside parking in bangs@r so my normal modus operandi had always been going around the area to capitalise on a chance of impossibility and will almost alwasy proceeded to the shopping centre basement parking centre. i am not a very law-abiding citizen but i just hate to pay the summons if there was any and despise those selfish people who double park to reduce their walking distance to the minimum and blocking the traffic.

after the unsuccessful round of looking of parking space, i decided use the back lane instead of the usual road to get to the shopping centre because the queue was too long. i noticed an empty plot in the back lane reserved for motorcycles and i said to gartblue, these people always took our place in front of the shops wasting so much space with a motorbike for a space reserved for a car and let us do the same to them once in a while. and while reversing to park the car, we heard a small bump and there was suddenly a pole that wasn't there that took a small chunk of paint of my bumper. daymn.

anyway, we then just proceeded to berj4y4 and had our favourite wantan kari mee and wantan mee. while we were drooling and slurping our food alfresco style, we saw several policemen with their summons book, booking all those people who double park in front of the restaurants.

one of the reasons that why i hate double parking is that i just don't like to have my meal interrupted should any emergency cases like that happened. so i just told gartblue that there's a chance that they don't go to the back lane and my car would be ticket free and just continued to enjoy our brunch and company.

however, when all things said and done, i saw that white ticket on the windscreen and immediately know that i have broken the summons record for that particular car. that was the first police summon that i got for the car (the first summon was mbpj's due to insufficient time paid on that dumb coins-only machine that we didn't have in front of damasar4 specil1st h0spital) after slightly more than a year that i have been driving it. and it must have been only the first time for as long as i could remember that i parked illegally around that area.

and that's the end of the story for the very-expensive brunch-date with gartblue. maybe can put one moral of the story which is you have done nothing wrong until you got caught and why do they have to catch me on my very first time, that is what you call rezeki. alhamdulillah.

Thursday, 1 March 2007

paranormal traits

thanks to rotidua, i have to reveal some of the not-so-embarrassing weirdness. i only had three hours of sleep last night so i am not liable for anything that i put in here mostly due to the delusional state that i am in right now.

  1. greenie with no love to the animals

  2. while i have a lot of compassion for animals i.e. i try not to slay any of them including those runaway mickey mouses and flying roaches patronising my house happily, i have no love for them either. how i dispose roaches? flush them down the toilet, they'll survive in the sewers. vagabond mickey mouses? chase them out of the house. cats? go away from me unless i want that ticklish sensation when they playfully bite and wrestle with your hands. i would normally normally shoo them away especially those irritating ones that poop on my lawn.

  3. cleaning waves

  4. when i am in a rajin mode, i would work non-stop, and very meticulous at it too. for a normal car washing incident including vacuuming, i would take at least 2 hours. throw waxing the polyethylene and leather seats, add another one hour. bathroom cleaning, minimum one hour. why i took so long to do so? i'll clean every single nook and crannies there are, get those grime on the inside part of the rim that you can't really see, clear those dust stuck between the aircon ducts fins and in between the seat stitching or other teeny meeny things like that. and when i am not in the rajin, i will not do anything at all and just laze around, not to the amusement of a nagging wife.

  5. captain jean luc picard, my love

  6. if you don't know who that is, he is the indomitable, autocratic yet diplomatic captain of the federation starship enterprise, star trek next generation. i followed the series religiously when it was airing for 7 seasons. loved everything about him except for the hair of course, even though i shaved my head twice out of boredom as recent as the previous world cup campaign. the bit that attracted me was not the science fiction but more on the philosophy and principles that each episode carries in terms of defining humanity and being human. of course the science fiction part is dorky. can't blame them with the limited budget they have. the other star trek was not appealling too much to me so i lost interest soon after the next generation aired their last episode.

  7. this thing about little people

  8. before i had alyssa, i already had 15 nephews and nieces and they are all noisy, smelly, stubborn and great disturbance to my peace. i'm sure people who know me personally and had kids before i did noticed that i was not the type that would pick up and play with their babies whenever they are around (sorry lollies, gartblue). but when it came to my own, i simply just loved them unconditionally and they have none of those traits though they still get on my nerves from time to time. and thanks to my kids also, i am now warming up to the others as well.

  9. one size fits all

  10. no, i am not referring to any physical traits or anatomy but i am talking about one of the nikmat dunia (pleasure of life), sleep. i just can't do without enough sleep and it is the most therapeutic thing that i could have apart from the other one nikmat. stressed because i haven't studied enough for the final exam? i'll take a little nap and everything would be okay in the morning. don't know what to do in in-laws house? can sleep the whole day. tired of listening to those nags? i'll just lie down, close my eyes and let her nag the wall that definitely is a better listener. fed up with a messed up house and don't know where to start? just clear and make the bed nicely and i am in la la land

  11. uncanny urge

  12. this might sound scary but don't worry, i have never been prosecuted by this urge. whenever i see an almost full term pregnant women with the huge protruding belly, always wondered how would it feel to give it a right jab or left hook like a punching bag :eek: . but as i mentioned before, i have never been prosecuted due to this before so all the pregnant women in the world are safe, especially zan and lana if they happened to meet me sometime in the future.

as you can see i am not that weird after all. it seems that i am also the last one doing this hence i have nobody to tag anymore. yes! i remembered one. theotheraj, you're tagged, he he.