Friday, 2 March 2007

sequal to gartblue's breakfast

fundamental information: my parking space is next to gartblue's in the office.

don't have much time to write coz i have a meeting at 3.00 but i have to submit this or it will be never. as the title suggest, this entry is a continuation of the day that gartblue had mentioned in her breakfast entry.

image borrowed from gartblue's entry. ok now into the story (finally!).

i didn't have breakfast this morning except for my early daily caffeine dose from the coffee machine because i had to settle several things in the morning therefore i was really starving at 10.30am. thought of going alone to berj4y4 but then thinking that gartblue loves the food there as well, i just gave her a buzz and she immediately said yes, so of we went walking to the parking lot which is 5 minutes walking from our office

as i was unlocking my car, i heard that suddenly gartblue gave out a very surprised yelp of where's my car?. she was already weak on her knees and was staring blankly into the blank space normally occupied by her car dazed and mouth gaped open like she was looking at a black hole forming in her parking spot.

it must have been at least a good 30 seconds that she finally managed to knock some senses into herself and smiled sheepishly saying something like ^&$*(@& of course. we sent the other car (the one pictured) to the workshop and i'm not driving today!. well, what can i say except trying to erase that astonished look on her face from my memory.

it is a well-known fact that it is impossible to find an almost-free roadside parking in bangs@r so my normal modus operandi had always been going around the area to capitalise on a chance of impossibility and will almost alwasy proceeded to the shopping centre basement parking centre. i am not a very law-abiding citizen but i just hate to pay the summons if there was any and despise those selfish people who double park to reduce their walking distance to the minimum and blocking the traffic.

after the unsuccessful round of looking of parking space, i decided use the back lane instead of the usual road to get to the shopping centre because the queue was too long. i noticed an empty plot in the back lane reserved for motorcycles and i said to gartblue, these people always took our place in front of the shops wasting so much space with a motorbike for a space reserved for a car and let us do the same to them once in a while. and while reversing to park the car, we heard a small bump and there was suddenly a pole that wasn't there that took a small chunk of paint of my bumper. daymn.

anyway, we then just proceeded to berj4y4 and had our favourite wantan kari mee and wantan mee. while we were drooling and slurping our food alfresco style, we saw several policemen with their summons book, booking all those people who double park in front of the restaurants.

one of the reasons that why i hate double parking is that i just don't like to have my meal interrupted should any emergency cases like that happened. so i just told gartblue that there's a chance that they don't go to the back lane and my car would be ticket free and just continued to enjoy our brunch and company.

however, when all things said and done, i saw that white ticket on the windscreen and immediately know that i have broken the summons record for that particular car. that was the first police summon that i got for the car (the first summon was mbpj's due to insufficient time paid on that dumb coins-only machine that we didn't have in front of damasar4 specil1st h0spital) after slightly more than a year that i have been driving it. and it must have been only the first time for as long as i could remember that i parked illegally around that area.

and that's the end of the story for the very-expensive brunch-date with gartblue. maybe can put one moral of the story which is you have done nothing wrong until you got caught and why do they have to catch me on my very first time, that is what you call rezeki. alhamdulillah.

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