Friday, 30 March 2007


nobody in my physical world have any problems identifying my y chromosome. i have a chest that would not even justify a trainee brassiere. and those facial hair that requires my attention at least twice a week. i am also fortunate to have hairs on my legs that some unlike some unlucky guys that i know of and thankfully not as much as another unlucky guy whose hairs twirls enough to trap even an unsuspecting fly. i even have few strands (literally) of hair sprouting on the chest.

never knew need to put comma after environmentalmy first photo

i have measurements that will neither make a supermodel or beauty peageant contestants envious nor unfortunately, lusty. i have my share of burps and flatulences. i snore so loudly that i found my wife sleeping on the floor on our first night. and i don't possess any of those "gentle" qualities that some men do.

unfortunately, it is a different story altogether for my alter-ego self in the virtual world. devoid of the physical appearance and with only scattered clues of my physical existence, it is somehow plausible to some people that i have too many x's in my chromosomes. apparently, a concise and crystal clear of the nature of my gender in the profile is not matched by the way that i write! i have yet to clarify write in this instance refers to the way i am describing matters in my entries like this one or my physical handwriting that was posted in my previous entry here.

the story behind the creation of this avatar which i have grown so fondly of could be found here. and somehow, a lot people insisted that the background is pink and i, who is the one who took the photo, have always insisted that the background is actually a purple blanket that has received too much flashlight hence turned into somewhat pinkish colour.

while i have successfully brushed off the constant teasing of rotidua and theotheraj about the pinkishness of the avatar and occasional mentions by lollies and gartblue, the last straw is definitely a comment made by a ms sarah mr in futuredoc's on the side entry. fd, if i may reproduce the comment here:

sarah mr: hye kak -----. u know what, i also thought moshimoshi was a female even though i did open up his blog page.. lol... i didn't even bother to read his profile.. =)

ms sarah mr, wherever you are, believe me, i am a male and i am putting this to you here so that you don't have to read my profile.

while my original plan was to sephia-ised the whole photo, alas my photo editing skills with gimp is somewhat limited. hence, i was left with the option of zapping out all the magenta colours to ensure that any remote traces of pinkishness will not come out in the end product hence the earthy tone of my new avatar.

to my old avatar, i am going to miss you very much. while i have been a loyal partner and it had never crossed my mind that i will end up to be with your identical twin sister instead when we met, unfortunately, circumstances forced us to head separate ways. i now bade you farewell and i will love you, always.

[ endnote: i wonder why is it such a big thing if a guy knows that lilac is a colour! the hero in one those barb1e movie noticed the falsification of the princess's note because it was written in lilac stationery and not the princess's favourite colour, pink. he is a guy. and definitely, there's more than 50% chance that the director and scriptwriter were also males. i don't know... ]

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