Monday, 12 March 2007

alphabet march

our trigger happy oflionandbear blogger buddy has been so happy tagging everybody around and she is so anxious to see the results that she even missed her bangk0k trip! :laugh: so, here is the a-b-c piece of mind:

  • A is for age: don't need to tell you this. you can see in my profile, 24 biological.

  • B is for beverage of choice: juices and latte for coffee.

  • C is for career right now: kuli batak forever.

  • D is for your dog's name: damn, i hate those little irritating and noisy chihuahua.

  • E is for essential item you use everyday: food? toilet? too many to list down.

  • F is for favorite TV shows at the moment: don't watch tv actually. i try to catch dr house whenever i balik kampung. crayon shin can counts?

  • G is for favorite game: as of now? sports- squash and other other court game (except takraw- kaki bangku lorrr) computer game- haven't played for a while either, maybe prince of persia.

  • H is for home town: alor gajah, melaka. not complicated like some people though my mum was born in selangor. no jokes about alor in gajah, ok? heard all of them. :D

  • I is for instruments you've played/play: one classical song in piano (courtesy of ex, hehe) play little guitar also just enough to attract attention, hehe. the last time i played must be like years ago.

  • J is for favorite juice: mango, orange, apple in that order.

  • K is for whose butt you'd like to kick: tried kicking mine whenever i did or said something silly but never quite achieved the desired results.

  • L is for last restaurant you ate at: berj@ya in bangsar, just came back actually. so, cooling off period in this superbly sizzling weather is spent by doing this.

  • M is for marriage: once hopefully. going to be seven this year with two princesses.

  • N is for your full name: not important in this instance, you'll have to make do with moshimoshi.

  • O is for overnight hospital stays: three times. first and the longest, i was in boarding school and had chicken pox (sadly it was the very first week of my boarding school life. the combination of loneliness in a hospital and homesickness was a killer. but i ended up spreading the disease anyway). second time, two nights for acl reconstruction surgery in melben. third time, one night only - dengue fever.

  • P is for people you were with today: the same people every working day, family in early morning, work mates after that.

  • Q is for quote: kerana perbuatanmu malaysi@, aku menjadi belogger. i know not so inspiring but at least it won me the grand price in qisst contest, hehe.

  • R is for biggest regret/mistake: i wish i could be a six-footer. should've walloped all those proteins when i had the chance.

  • S is for status: sex symbol?

  • T is for time you woke up today: 6.00am. considered late for normal working days but thankfully cuti sekolah. sempat gak sampai office just in time.

  • U is for the underwear your wearing right now: g. the string must have been lost somewhere in the nether world.

  • V is for vegetables you love: don't quite love veggie but eat most of them with the exception of brussel sprouts (uggh). maybe mushroom i love lots.

  • W is for worst habit: scratch and sniff. no further elaboration required.

  • X is for x-rays you've had: several times. medical check-up, acl checkup. but never lungs screening due to excess tar and nicotine yet. :D

  • Y is for yummy food you ate today: wantan kari mee in berj@y@. * slurp! slurp! yummy *

  • Z is for zodiac sign: born sept 23. so i am one those confused libra/virgo people. i am not really into zodiac but for some people who knew me, they said i am a libra with a lot of virgo qualities. not quite sure what they meant.

so, who to tag? since our olab has tagged most of the people in efx2, i hereby tagged all my regular readers in blogsp0t, hoooraay! sounds a lot but trust me, not that many and you know who you people are... :-w

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