Friday, 28 March 2008


this is not an update about my recent trip. i was going to upload the photos last night but unfortunately my streamyx connection by tmnut was on maintenance and hopefully it will be back by today.

slept at around 4:45 this morning and had to pry myself out of bed (inspired by the usual weekday mornings "song") by the usual time, 6:15. that is merely one and a half hour of sleep! and i have a full day today, extending until 8:00pm before i could drag myself home. let's see if i could survive the day without red-templed, which i doubt very much.

why did i put myself in this position, you might ask. after uploading all the photos into the pc last night from the memory cards of one videocam and 2 camera phones, i was left silly and clueless of what to do with the "islanded" pc at home. and i scoured the pc for the downloads that i've made and there it was, the whole season 1 of that addictive tv series, nip/ tuck. while arguably i am the last person that you would call a tv freak (hence season 1, hehehe), my normal compulsive/ obsessive behaviour again took over me last night. it is not exactly a family entertainment show so i waited until all the kids were asleep at around 10pm before i started the marathon.

by the time i just couldn't stay awake anymore, i must've watched like 10 episodes or so (i lost count).

now i am all groggy with that silly euphoric light-headed feeling in the head. i think it won't be long before i start hallucinating. or have i started already? am i really writing this entry or i am just imagining myself doing this? i guess i'll find out tomorrow...

Saturday, 22 March 2008

i am back

anybody missed me? no? hmmm....

i came back from sydney 2 nights ago. as usual, coming back from a long trip, many things to sort out to get back to normal life. will be posting photos, stories (not much though) about the trip later. and will also check out the alerts (numbering 67 now). ok chao for now, just to inform people that i'm still alive, a bit thin on the pocket though.

Friday, 7 March 2008

to all my supporters

so my advisors, what do you think the chances my meek challenger has against me in the upcoming election?

don't think they stand a chance at all, my dearest miss incumbent.

very well then. unfortunately i won't be able to celebrate my winning because with my supporters because i'll be going to sydeney on the night of the vote count. but never mind, i'll be able to when i come back on the 19th. march.

yes you will. so, any last words to your rival?


i think this guy must be glad that today is friday. taken from the spot that i normally use to top up my level of nicotine in the office with the phone that i am currently using. i wouldn't want to be in his shoes any day.