Thursday, 6 December 2007

i am obese!

our kompeni had a free health fair in the hq for 2 days where panel doctors and hospitals come over for free physical check-ups for the employees, courtesy of the panels i guess. all sorts of health barometer checks were provided, ranging from the normal blood pressure, urine sample, blood cholesterol up to a miniature camera probe into your ear canals to display the beauty inside and a rare opportunity to look at your own ear drums and displayed on a huge 29" inch tv for everybody to see.

i have never gone through these physical check-ups after the ones i had before the employment, or was it the check up required for the scholarship many many years ago. the results? nothing spectacular considering the sedentary life that i'm living right now. blood pressure normal at 120/80, urine sample clear of any abnormalities, cholesterol counts slightly above healthy levels, bmi slightly above normal at 26+. i even got to check the strength of my lower back even though i had to go through that little red-faced moment having the cute girl attaching the pad-like electrodes just slightly above the crack of the butt. on top of that, i had to unbuckle and unhook my pants to tuck back my shirt while her face were virtually a few inches behind my bottom in the minuscule makeshift cubicle provided. it must've been that obvious that she assured me there was nothing peculiar while she helped me tuck in the shirt, into the underwear, duh!

however, apparently my body fat ratio is like 26+% also! for the uninitiated, healthy males are supposed to have less than 20% body fat ratio and 20-25% body fat ratio are considered overweight and above that, obese! err, ok i might have the beautiful six-pack hidden nicely under a nice comfortable padding but obese?! let me google the meaning of obese...

[quote]o·bese (-bs)

Extremely fat; very overweight.[/quote]
hmmm! however, the more important fat, visceral fat stands at 11%. not bad considering the maximum level for a healthy man is 10%. just a little bit of exercise and some healthy diet bout will get me within the ideal range.


so, we are not the all superior human being after all. bumped into this news while perusing the in-tech section of thebintang today.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

what the?!

received this text message at 12:41am this morning on my mobile. incidentally, read by wifey while i was busy on the pc in the other room.

for my english readers, i apologise for not translating because the joke would be lost

[quote]nite abg, tlg la bli ubt ilangkn misai dgN kning..min xpnh tgk pun prduk tu. nnti abg dtg shll, min byaq tau.. bring lar ada blu rma bnyk..[/quote]

in case you were wondering, i didn't get into any trouble of any sort :)

Monday, 3 December 2007

his legacy

some of the things he left behind.

anybody for geese eggs? people came from as far as muar to look for those eggs for it's supposedly medicinal properties. or course he had chickens and ducks but they were camera-shy.

he was truly a cat lover. the others were simply not very interested.

he folds and irons his own clothes because mak doesn't do it as neat as he'd like it to be. i might take one of those black imam jubah for souvenirs. somehow, with the exceptions of tight-fitting sleeves, i could fit into it :)

at almost 11 years old, the payung indones1a (hura crepitans) stands at around 12 feet high. he had always wanted to chop down the tree for fear of the crawling roots to be uprooting the perimeter wall in front of it. my usual replies had always been [i]he doesn't need to worry about that. he'd be long gone before the tree grows big enough to uproot the wall.[/i] didn't know it's going to come sooner than later.

and of course,

the binmatsahs. mostly were (at that particular moment, there has been an additional 2 since) here except for my eldest brother's family. they were berayaing on the other side in phg. unfortunately, this photo was taken last year (and of poor quality as well). we didn't take group photo during this year's eid though everybody was around due to some technical complications :(