Monday, 30 June 2008

ignorance is a bliss

found this on my peer's table after i came back from a 2-day mid-week break. well not exactly like that but in a much more presentable form with the cookie whole and has a complete M written on it, nicely wrapped in the crumpled plastic bag in the background and tied aesthetically with the ribbon. unfortunately, the morning stomach rumblings got the better of me and i couldn't even think of taking the photo before i downed half of the decorative cookie.

if you can't read the writings, i'll put it down here. it says: MOSH, for being a friend. Love, Secret Admirer

Under normal circumstances, i'd be extremely thrilled to receive such a present. not that i wasn't. it's just that the secret admirer is not really that secret because she texted me the day before telling me that she had left it on my colleague's desk because my room was locked as i was on leave.

what did i do to deserve such a flattering gift? not much. i just ignored her when she took refuge in my room the day before, tired from her fasting until she finally dozed off on the sofa behind my chair. now that is something new i learn about the fairer sex. even ignorance can be appreciated ehehehe.

Monday, 23 June 2008

beautiful start of the week

despite being awfully unproductive over the weekends in terms of household chores, leaving wifey at her own device in trying to come up with a somewhat presentable and easy-on-the-eyes home that we have lost for quite some time ago, i was hoping today would be a better day. ah well, things don't quite go as planned sometimes.

the usual morning rush had its share of course. while athyra was her usual nagging self in the mornings and at nights, the other two were reasonably cooperative today and it was smooth sailing in their department. we left 10 minutes too late, as usual, and the kind monday morning traffic that we have seen lately after the 40% fuel price hike ensured us reaching athyra's nursery just in time for me to make the 8:00 curfew time. which is when i discovered that i have completely left athyra's bag at home. not much choice there since we can't exactly leave an 8-month old baby with only the pajamas that she was still wearing from the night before and and overloaded diapers to boot without the usual supplement of expressed milk and the poor substitute of feeding bottle that she would usually reject, given a choice.

then, i discovered i had left my access card at home despite the card's permanent base outside working hours being inside that little compartment in the car because athyra had been playing with it and took it with her.

as the car disappeared out of sight, the lightbulb inside my head suddenly glowed when i checked my pocket with those funny nagging feeling that yet again, i was missing something. true enough, i left the mobile phone in the car and anybody wishing to contact me for the day (not that many though; there has been many days i've had the phone lying idle in the drawer with zero activity) would have to get in touch with me via the fixed office line.

all is not lost though. i remembered to take the house key with me. it is all fixed now, thankfully. i had to borrow a colleague's car, get the bag as well as the access card at home, had an early lunch en route back to the office and everything should be functioning as it should be from now on.

i just hope that i won't forget bringing home the only set of house keys that we have outside the house only to discover that we i have left the keys in the office in front of the house gate at the end of the day.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

serves him right!

while i dismissed the initial e-mails circulating around as rumours, i now take it as real news as it finally came out in the mainstream news in [url=]printed media[/url] and the privately owned gomen mouthpiece electronic media.

it is kind of hard to get motivated when he is vehemently rejecting our 15% salary adjustment proposal saying that the company would go bankrupt if he concurred while his bosses is defending his and his main lieutenant (whom had a post created specifically for his promotion early this year) a 100% pay increase in the mainstream media *sigh* and if you're wondering how much he is advocating, a GIGANTIC sum of 3.5%...

i would probably go and talk to screwboy later to get more inspiration later.

welcome to the world of capitalism!

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

test post

this is simply a test post to demonstrate the capabilities of this blogging facility to a newbie blogger, mr de'magpie. hopefully his venture into this blogland would be a successful one. c'et la vie...

Thursday, 12 June 2008

photos of the little one

since there is not much to story mory and there was a request of the latest photos of the little one, here goes.

you can either read this entry while sitting comfortably at home, in the office or if you have a 3g phone, you can even read this entry while getting stuck in a gridlock traffic jam for 45 minutes with the luxury of turning off the engine and engaging the parking brake. which i don't have at the moment unfortunately because according to my network carrier, i do not only have to change my existing sim card to a 3g one which i have already done at their mt_point but i would also need to apply for a 3g line accordingly. (then why would i take the trouble to go to their service centre to change to a perfectly working sim card to a 3g sim card if i don't want the service as well?)

or alternatively, you can take off your glasses, relax and take a photo.

Monday, 9 June 2008

err hello everybody

it's been a while since i've been active in this domain. how is everybody doing? great, i hoped. or else probably i would probably receive the news via alternative means, like text messages for example.

i have been fine, thanks for asking. a bit rounder around the waist, unfortunately. give me a minute to let me loosen up the belt to let blood flow to my lower abdomen also... ahhh! better.

so what's my excuse? nothing much actually. of course i've been attending a one-week short course, went to some meetings here and there etc etc. out of the norms of my otherwise desk-bound job. i guess simply because like logis, i have somehow lost my blogging mojo. in fact, arguably this could be my first proper entry for a very very long time.

a bit of updates. athyra the budak-rambut-lebat is currently crawling and relentlessly trying to stand up with support. fell off the bed more once (boo-hoo) with no unforgiving consequences, thank god. we have started to send amelya to kum0n and she's enjoying it so that's good. alyssa is chattier than ever and getting more aware. the other day day she pointed out that my bathroom switch is faulty because it turned the lights on when we flicked it upwards in which i had to demonstrate to her the concept of using 2 switches for the 2 bathroom doors to turn on the light. wifey is , err fine i guess. we're looking for tenants for the 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom apartments that was finally completed after a 3-year delay. so anybody looking for an apartment in the top floor of Fl0ra Dummansara, overlooking the LDP with the view of country heights Dummansara, give me a buzz will you. rent would be around rm700 a month.

i haven't cleared any alerts for the past few weeks so i have really no idea what's going around in our nice little neighbourhood. maybe famy had neglected another virtual pet, elisa had gone berjalan again to some other exotic countries, lollies had "adopted" another child or oo had become a motivational speaker, roti had found success in leaping across the room from the sofa, ld had another twin on top of the ones she already had, zan finally decided to be a home-maker, screwboy had finally found success in one of his interviews, fd is pregnant again? (aahahah! jgn mare), myra has gained so much weight from those aussie diet, dory found the love of her life, for good or che' chomeyll is the best student in her class despite not much studying or mamarawks is finally in peace in bursa. i'm sure i'll find out after i clear up the alerts ehehehe. till my next comment then comrades.