Monday, 23 June 2008

beautiful start of the week

despite being awfully unproductive over the weekends in terms of household chores, leaving wifey at her own device in trying to come up with a somewhat presentable and easy-on-the-eyes home that we have lost for quite some time ago, i was hoping today would be a better day. ah well, things don't quite go as planned sometimes.

the usual morning rush had its share of course. while athyra was her usual nagging self in the mornings and at nights, the other two were reasonably cooperative today and it was smooth sailing in their department. we left 10 minutes too late, as usual, and the kind monday morning traffic that we have seen lately after the 40% fuel price hike ensured us reaching athyra's nursery just in time for me to make the 8:00 curfew time. which is when i discovered that i have completely left athyra's bag at home. not much choice there since we can't exactly leave an 8-month old baby with only the pajamas that she was still wearing from the night before and and overloaded diapers to boot without the usual supplement of expressed milk and the poor substitute of feeding bottle that she would usually reject, given a choice.

then, i discovered i had left my access card at home despite the card's permanent base outside working hours being inside that little compartment in the car because athyra had been playing with it and took it with her.

as the car disappeared out of sight, the lightbulb inside my head suddenly glowed when i checked my pocket with those funny nagging feeling that yet again, i was missing something. true enough, i left the mobile phone in the car and anybody wishing to contact me for the day (not that many though; there has been many days i've had the phone lying idle in the drawer with zero activity) would have to get in touch with me via the fixed office line.

all is not lost though. i remembered to take the house key with me. it is all fixed now, thankfully. i had to borrow a colleague's car, get the bag as well as the access card at home, had an early lunch en route back to the office and everything should be functioning as it should be from now on.

i just hope that i won't forget bringing home the only set of house keys that we have outside the house only to discover that we i have left the keys in the office in front of the house gate at the end of the day.

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