Thursday, 12 June 2008

photos of the little one

since there is not much to story mory and there was a request of the latest photos of the little one, here goes.

you can either read this entry while sitting comfortably at home, in the office or if you have a 3g phone, you can even read this entry while getting stuck in a gridlock traffic jam for 45 minutes with the luxury of turning off the engine and engaging the parking brake. which i don't have at the moment unfortunately because according to my network carrier, i do not only have to change my existing sim card to a 3g one which i have already done at their mt_point but i would also need to apply for a 3g line accordingly. (then why would i take the trouble to go to their service centre to change to a perfectly working sim card to a 3g sim card if i don't want the service as well?)

or alternatively, you can take off your glasses, relax and take a photo.

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