Monday, 9 June 2008

err hello everybody

it's been a while since i've been active in this domain. how is everybody doing? great, i hoped. or else probably i would probably receive the news via alternative means, like text messages for example.

i have been fine, thanks for asking. a bit rounder around the waist, unfortunately. give me a minute to let me loosen up the belt to let blood flow to my lower abdomen also... ahhh! better.

so what's my excuse? nothing much actually. of course i've been attending a one-week short course, went to some meetings here and there etc etc. out of the norms of my otherwise desk-bound job. i guess simply because like logis, i have somehow lost my blogging mojo. in fact, arguably this could be my first proper entry for a very very long time.

a bit of updates. athyra the budak-rambut-lebat is currently crawling and relentlessly trying to stand up with support. fell off the bed more once (boo-hoo) with no unforgiving consequences, thank god. we have started to send amelya to kum0n and she's enjoying it so that's good. alyssa is chattier than ever and getting more aware. the other day day she pointed out that my bathroom switch is faulty because it turned the lights on when we flicked it upwards in which i had to demonstrate to her the concept of using 2 switches for the 2 bathroom doors to turn on the light. wifey is , err fine i guess. we're looking for tenants for the 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom apartments that was finally completed after a 3-year delay. so anybody looking for an apartment in the top floor of Fl0ra Dummansara, overlooking the LDP with the view of country heights Dummansara, give me a buzz will you. rent would be around rm700 a month.

i haven't cleared any alerts for the past few weeks so i have really no idea what's going around in our nice little neighbourhood. maybe famy had neglected another virtual pet, elisa had gone berjalan again to some other exotic countries, lollies had "adopted" another child or oo had become a motivational speaker, roti had found success in leaping across the room from the sofa, ld had another twin on top of the ones she already had, zan finally decided to be a home-maker, screwboy had finally found success in one of his interviews, fd is pregnant again? (aahahah! jgn mare), myra has gained so much weight from those aussie diet, dory found the love of her life, for good or che' chomeyll is the best student in her class despite not much studying or mamarawks is finally in peace in bursa. i'm sure i'll find out after i clear up the alerts ehehehe. till my next comment then comrades.

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