Friday, 28 March 2008


this is not an update about my recent trip. i was going to upload the photos last night but unfortunately my streamyx connection by tmnut was on maintenance and hopefully it will be back by today.

slept at around 4:45 this morning and had to pry myself out of bed (inspired by the usual weekday mornings "song") by the usual time, 6:15. that is merely one and a half hour of sleep! and i have a full day today, extending until 8:00pm before i could drag myself home. let's see if i could survive the day without red-templed, which i doubt very much.

why did i put myself in this position, you might ask. after uploading all the photos into the pc last night from the memory cards of one videocam and 2 camera phones, i was left silly and clueless of what to do with the "islanded" pc at home. and i scoured the pc for the downloads that i've made and there it was, the whole season 1 of that addictive tv series, nip/ tuck. while arguably i am the last person that you would call a tv freak (hence season 1, hehehe), my normal compulsive/ obsessive behaviour again took over me last night. it is not exactly a family entertainment show so i waited until all the kids were asleep at around 10pm before i started the marathon.

by the time i just couldn't stay awake anymore, i must've watched like 10 episodes or so (i lost count).

now i am all groggy with that silly euphoric light-headed feeling in the head. i think it won't be long before i start hallucinating. or have i started already? am i really writing this entry or i am just imagining myself doing this? i guess i'll find out tomorrow...

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