Tuesday, 1 April 2008

little updates

i haven't been blogging much about myself lately. for those who love to hear about myself (puh-leeez!), here are some brief updates. i'm rushing through this because i'm taking half day leave today. finally, somebody from tmnut called up to set an appointment to fix my streamyx problem, one week after i first reported the problem and last night was the third report i made without the problem being solved. i have the funny feeling that they are more worried about the report number associated with the problem rather than the problem itself. it sounded that way when i talk to either their frontline officers (aka receptionist) or their online technical support advisors or whatever they called it.

ok some updates. everybody is fine. athyra is back to her angelic self right after we came back syney where she cried and cried and cried, refusing us to really enjoy the days. more about that when i finally manage to upload the photos and carry the story with it as well.

but the kids are not really in their top health. alyssa and athyra has some problems regarding minute creatures crawling within the thick jungles on their heads that alyssa is now sporting a short locks. amelya somehow managed to get this urinary tract infection and on augmentin now. she was supposed to be finally living without diapers anymore until this thing struck. the tell-tale sign surfaced sometime last week (or even earlier without us noticing) when she had to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes and somehow over the weekend, it got more frequent until we decided to send her to a doctor when we come back from our hometown. but our suspicion were confirmed when she started having temperature on the same day and amelya with rising temperature doesn't jive very well. luckily, we still have some unexpired suppository fever medication which thankfully we haven't used for a very long time.

wifey was involved in a minor accident last friday involving an abang ala motorcyclist in federal highway in front of angkasapuri. little dents and scratches on the car. some external physical external abrasions to an otherwise healthy looking abang ala. gave him rm150 totally out of compassion to him not being able to work at least for the day and repair some damage to his borrowed motorbike though the fact that he has no business swerving and cutting off the cars within the main trunk of the highway when he should've been inside riding inside the dedicated motorcycle did come into mind.

ooops! time is up. need to go now. sorry rotinina. will do your essentials tag some other time, tomorrow maybe. bye all, for now.

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