Friday, 11 April 2008

farewell camera phone

remember some of the photos i took for my trip and the accident? somehow, befittingly i had a camera phone handy. while i've been trumpeting the use of my monochrome, i had the luxury of using a camera phone finally for a few weeks, "borrowed" from wifey's office. and today, i have returned this phone. now i am so deep into the whole mess of taking photo of whatever, whenever that i am going to buy a phone, after all these long years.

another farewell also goes to my facial hair. i grew this for about 3 weeks i think and this must be the longest i went without shaving, not counting the period in my final year when i went for the whole year. even alyssa had asked me to shave and when i asked why, she said tak hensem la ayah. this is how it was yesterday. today, i'm sporting the short, crew-cut clean shaven look and this was the last photo taken by the phone *sob sob*. adios red, (anticipated) welcome mr black :D



famy, if you're reading this, sorry i had to delete that previous entry that you commented on. i had this reflex of pressing the [Enter] key whenever i put in the title which will submit a blank entry with a title only along with the blog alert. Here's the real one.

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