Friday, 4 April 2008

2+2+1 (part 1)

that was the booking configuration of our flight to sydney, 2 adults, 2 children and 1 infant. thankfully, due to some downgrading of my full economy ticket (and the guy going with me) i ended up forking out less than 1k to bring along the whole gang bang. definitely a huge relief in this financially-testing time.

for those who wouldn't bother to read and just want to look a the photos, you can jump in directly here. i finally uploaded the photos 2 days ago after my streamyx at home was finally fixed (by replacing the adsl modem/ router. how should i know it was not working within specification? the LED's were on and the problem started off with no dial tone on my home fixed line)

my while sydney is a clean, beautiful, modern and touristy city, not much to write about it that you don't already know about, unlike the ancient and cultural cairo, hehehe. but don't get me wrong, i still get my envy glares from some people as well (hi gart!)

i had a 3-day training/ conference in sydney and as usual, i extended my overseas trip to have a holiday as well and we ended up staying for 11 days total. 4 nights were spent in a hotel paid by the kompeni and the rest of day nights were spent bunking in wifey's friend's place (err sorry no photo of that) with a million-dollar view.

the outbound flight were full and the flight was booked only about 2 weeks before. while we managed to secure the bassinet seat for athyra, unfortunately there was only one seat available so we had to be seated separately and wifey found herself squeezed in between 2 gentlemen when we boarded the flight. thankfully, both of them were kind enough to exchange their seats with alyssa and amelya so all the three boys were happily snoring among themselves several rows behind.

no imaging devices were allowed within the airport so our first photo after we touched the ground was this one. i was quite surprised to be paying 55 bucks for the cab fare when i remembered paying only about slightly above 20 dollars on my mostly-annual commute from the melbourne airport to the place i called home many years ago and that was a much longer trip. well, definitely things have changed quite a bit over the past 11 years.

we arrived on sunday morning 9:30am. after a good afternoon nap, we took the compulsory walk around sydney icon, the harbour bridge and opera house. my initial plan was to cover sydney aquarium on that day but we ended up spending the afternoon on bed hehe. you know how it's like to sleep on the plane, don't you?

the following 3 days were mostly work, so they just walked around the hotel and wifey did some grocery shopping as well. thankfully, the third day ended earlier (shhh!) so we took the chance to spend the day at sydney aquarium in darling harbour. while there are many ways to get there, i decided to use the ferry to get there for a refreshing sea breeze change. i had also captured a wonderful view of the city's skyline from the ferry which i only found out now that i did not upload into flickr :). i think until now amelya is still wondering how come she missed the "fairy".

it was a nice place but slightly overrated i'd have to say. our own version here is bigger and offers more albeit smaller/ younger sea creatures. the place is closed at 10pm so by the time we got out it was almost dark. like many other places in sydney, darling harbour is beautiful and the night is livened up by seaside cafes offering refreshing view of the harbour and alfresco dining to empty stomachs. this is the best i could do capturing a stills with the videocam.

we checked out the day after and left the baggage at the hotel to spend the day at taronga zoo. the easiest way to get there is still with a ferry. while the children had a great had great time getting up close and personal with the animals, the thing that struck me most was how it offers a stunning vista of the city skyline being built on a higher ground on the other side of the harbour. unfortunately, you'd have to take my word for it. due to lack of talent and equipment, this is one of my measly attempt to capture that.

oops. i'm running out of time. have to make this a part 1. part 2 will be coming up later. and this computer is acting weird so i'd better post this before it does something funny.

again, higher resolution photos can be found here at my flickr page.

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