Saturday, 3 March 2007

breaking news!!!

we bring to you this emergency bulletin to announce that reports have been received that an unidentified soldier has managed to penetrate the defences of the besieged fortress.

after years of military campaign with the loss numbering to millions of soldiers, it was reported that one unidentified soldier finally managed to penetrate the stronghold. while the war has been waged for many years, currently only two soldiers had achieved the miracle by penetrating the fortress and both are reported to be coming from the female squadrons.

while a truce had been declared some time last year to remove the unfair advantage of an almost impenetrable shield by the defending party, the fighting that resumed almost immediately seemingly did not alter the outcome of the status quo experienced beforehand. the stronghold had been barricading on so strongly, giving no chance to the marauding party and just fended off all the assaults as easy as a giant swatting a fly. but the defender should have known better that good news won't last forever.

while rumours regarding the breach had been circulating in the air for the past few days, satellite imaging in the early morning had finally confirmed the success of that soldier by showing two distinct territorial red lines normally carved out by a successful campaign.

the details of the incursion is still unclear. it is still the very early stage of the quest therefore we could not divulge more information such as the gender and the state of health of the soldier or if there had been more than one soldier that had successfully breached the defence. it is strongly believed however that the latter is most unlikely according to the historical records of both the offensive and defensive parties dating back several generations before.

we will bring you more updates as more information is made available from an expert opinion on the subject matter and more sophisticated imaging devices such as sonar topography for confirmation purposes.

now, on the other news ....

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