Friday, 23 March 2007

quirky devices

was reading this article in thebintang intech about weird devices that they come up with to be connected to the usb ports and they gave me chuckles. for the full article, go here. very weird indeed.

if you haven't read the article, i will list down the gadgets and brief description here:

  • usb powered fans: in the shape of an island with a single palm tree and a cutie duck. won't know it's a fan because the palm leaves acts as the fan blades, the palm trunk is the adjustable pivot and the duck is the switch.

  • usb missile launcher: labelled as wmd (weapon of miniature destruction). would actually launch projectiles that could be controlled with the software. prepares you for this means war moments.

  • sticky tape usb hub: combination of a usb hub and sticky tape dispenser. whatever for?

  • usb glass/ mug warmer/ cooler: heats and cools too in 10 mins. how pampered do you want to be?

  • usb stink buster: two types actually. handy for those close encounters with the smelly kind in the office

  • fat pinky piggy: which by the way is a two way speaker and cd player. you use the springy tail to control the volume

  • and my favourite is entitled catch up with the rat race: i'll just copy the description from the article.

YOU might have not been allowed to bring your pet hamster to the office, but a quirky USB-powered rodent would surely be welcomed in any workplace.

The USB Hamster Wheel features a little plush hamster that will run in its exercise wheel whenever you type.

Just put in two AA batteries, plug its cable into an available USB port and install the software. Then, start typing – the faster your fingers hit the keyboard, the faster the hamster runs. Who knows? Getting to see this little hamster speeding on the wheel could motivate you to quickly finish that report your boss wanted.

the thing i like about this thing is that the speed actually matches the speed of you typing the keyboard! those burung belatuk (two-fingered) typist would actually be hard-pressed to make the hamster work very hard but can't imagine what it would do with those people that can type 400 words per minute.

and definitely will be an inspiration to the people who writes very very long entry like me and nonah, hehe.

[ i forgot to add this last night due to the incessant knockings on the door by four little hands asking me to put them to bed ]

it would definitely be a must-have product if the hamster could be customised to something else, like your bosses figurine for example. apart from motivating and keeping you company during those late nights at the office finishing up the reports that your bosses returned back you at 5pm to be handed in by tomorrow, it will also be inspirational to see that he/ she is also working hard turning those wheel while you're typing the report.

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