Thursday, 1 March 2007

paranormal traits

thanks to rotidua, i have to reveal some of the not-so-embarrassing weirdness. i only had three hours of sleep last night so i am not liable for anything that i put in here mostly due to the delusional state that i am in right now.

  1. greenie with no love to the animals

  2. while i have a lot of compassion for animals i.e. i try not to slay any of them including those runaway mickey mouses and flying roaches patronising my house happily, i have no love for them either. how i dispose roaches? flush them down the toilet, they'll survive in the sewers. vagabond mickey mouses? chase them out of the house. cats? go away from me unless i want that ticklish sensation when they playfully bite and wrestle with your hands. i would normally normally shoo them away especially those irritating ones that poop on my lawn.

  3. cleaning waves

  4. when i am in a rajin mode, i would work non-stop, and very meticulous at it too. for a normal car washing incident including vacuuming, i would take at least 2 hours. throw waxing the polyethylene and leather seats, add another one hour. bathroom cleaning, minimum one hour. why i took so long to do so? i'll clean every single nook and crannies there are, get those grime on the inside part of the rim that you can't really see, clear those dust stuck between the aircon ducts fins and in between the seat stitching or other teeny meeny things like that. and when i am not in the rajin, i will not do anything at all and just laze around, not to the amusement of a nagging wife.

  5. captain jean luc picard, my love

  6. if you don't know who that is, he is the indomitable, autocratic yet diplomatic captain of the federation starship enterprise, star trek next generation. i followed the series religiously when it was airing for 7 seasons. loved everything about him except for the hair of course, even though i shaved my head twice out of boredom as recent as the previous world cup campaign. the bit that attracted me was not the science fiction but more on the philosophy and principles that each episode carries in terms of defining humanity and being human. of course the science fiction part is dorky. can't blame them with the limited budget they have. the other star trek was not appealling too much to me so i lost interest soon after the next generation aired their last episode.

  7. this thing about little people

  8. before i had alyssa, i already had 15 nephews and nieces and they are all noisy, smelly, stubborn and great disturbance to my peace. i'm sure people who know me personally and had kids before i did noticed that i was not the type that would pick up and play with their babies whenever they are around (sorry lollies, gartblue). but when it came to my own, i simply just loved them unconditionally and they have none of those traits though they still get on my nerves from time to time. and thanks to my kids also, i am now warming up to the others as well.

  9. one size fits all

  10. no, i am not referring to any physical traits or anatomy but i am talking about one of the nikmat dunia (pleasure of life), sleep. i just can't do without enough sleep and it is the most therapeutic thing that i could have apart from the other one nikmat. stressed because i haven't studied enough for the final exam? i'll take a little nap and everything would be okay in the morning. don't know what to do in in-laws house? can sleep the whole day. tired of listening to those nags? i'll just lie down, close my eyes and let her nag the wall that definitely is a better listener. fed up with a messed up house and don't know where to start? just clear and make the bed nicely and i am in la la land

  11. uncanny urge

  12. this might sound scary but don't worry, i have never been prosecuted by this urge. whenever i see an almost full term pregnant women with the huge protruding belly, always wondered how would it feel to give it a right jab or left hook like a punching bag :eek: . but as i mentioned before, i have never been prosecuted due to this before so all the pregnant women in the world are safe, especially zan and lana if they happened to meet me sometime in the future.

as you can see i am not that weird after all. it seems that i am also the last one doing this hence i have nobody to tag anymore. yes! i remembered one. theotheraj, you're tagged, he he.

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