Wednesday, 14 March 2007

kerana perbuatanmu m@la@ysia and bijik getah

qisst had this 107 entry that casually asked the readers to continue kerana perbuatanmu m@laysia and remarked ada hadiah menanti anda. while i am never good with slogans and never expected any prizes anyway, i just lazily replied kerana perbuatanmu malaysia, saya menjadi seorang belogger. and wonder of wonders, i won the grand prize!

the prize was delivered by his nephew to my office last friday and i have promised to put up an entry as a token of appreciation (i know, it's been almost a week and unfortunately i don't submit one entry per day :) ).

when the present was delivered, it was in a box that looked like this. of course there was a wrapper and i couldn't wait to go home and just ripped it off out of curiosity. and i was wondering, did she know something that i knew that i have a hypertension or anything like that?

when the box was opened, i found an artistically written congratulatory note (obviously by the ever-artistic qisst).

and if by now you feel like killing me due to curiosity about the present, here it is. a huge ashtray (so fitting for a smoker) which look very nice to my untrained eyes that i don't think i would use it as an ashtray but as an art deco bowl instead. (note: the frog is attached to the ashtray/ bowl; i don't think i have a live one happily hopping inside the house. outside nowadays dah start nak ada balik sebab hujan quite consistent nowadays)

while i am all for electronic communications for the obvious advantages of speed, accuracy and seamlessness, i don't think that i am alone in thinking that a written note/ letter delivers the most personal and sincerity in conveying your message. i should have replied her note when the present was delivered but i didn't. so, i am going to do the next-best thing which is to publish my thank you note here.

p/s2- apologies for misspelling qisst in the thank you note :D

and somehow quite fittingly, especially for rotidua whom had never seen one, one of the buah tangan (thank you gift) given by the host of a wedding reception in b@gan dat0h over the weekend was this decorated bijik getah (rubber tree-Hevea brasiliensis seed) that was the hot topic in her the visuals entry. but the natural one would not be as shiny as this as it is lacquered for that glossy feeling.

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