Tuesday, 27 March 2007

what? one word only?

YAYYY! finally we are connected to the world, again. if you have been wondering why gartblue, theotheraj and meself have been missing conspicuously putting up entries and commenting, it's just that our internet connection had been totally screwed in the office. and hopefully now, it's back for good.

now is lunch time and i had an early lunch. so, while other people are busy having lunch and the internet connection is suddenly up again, the speed is uncharacteristically blazing in the office. so i'm taking this opportunity to get this one word meme over and done with, tagged by a doctor in the making and notes of a lost self.

Type ONE Word only for each... And DO NOT EXPLAIN IT!!

Yourself: satiated.

Your Lover: tak_geng.

Your Hair: standing up.

Your Mother: food.

Your Father: fitter.

Your Favorite Item: internet.

Your Dream Last Night: none.

Your Favorite Drink: juice.

Your Dream Home: spotless.

The Room You Are In: airy.

Your Pets: dislike.

What You Are Now: slave.

Who You Want to be in Ten Years: me.

What You Want to be in Ten Years: surplus.

What You're Not: sulky.

One of Your Wishlist Items: six-pack.

Your Gender: male.

The Last Thing You Did: exhale.

What You Are Wearing: shirt.

Your Favorite Weather: windy.

Your Favorite Book: lotr.

The Last Thing You Ate: nasi-goreng (kira okla).

Your Life: content.

Your Mood: ok.

Favorite article of clothing: shorts.

Favorite color: purple.

School: nerd.

Song: relaku...

don't want to tag anybody la for a change.

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