Sunday, 18 March 2007

handwriting meme (improvised jawi phrase)

the idea of this entry came about the thank you note entry that i've posted before here.

the basic idea behind this is that we have seen so many typewritten messages in this blogging world about a person and photos alike. but, one of the true essence of a person that remains mostly hidden is one's handwriting. assuming that his/her handwriting would be another window to the person's soul, i am trying to be innovative here and start this tag entry for anybody that you wish to see their handwriting. keeping the tag simple by not asking the person to write a full essay or something like that, the tag simply ask the tagged people to write a simple pangram.

thanks for mr hafiz238 for providing the wiki link. (copied from wiki) A pangram (Greek: pan gramma, "every letter"), or holoalphabetic sentence, is a sentence which uses every letter of the alphabet at least once. while pangrams are normally used to display typefaces and test new fonts and in this case, we are testing the news fonts which is unique to one person only. if any lithography expert disagrees with me, send me a private message.

not being innovative enough, i would use the two long pangrams that is given in the wiki page and not crack my head to create another one. okay. the chosen pangrams are:

  • How razorback-jumping frogs can level six piqued gymnasts!

  • All questions asked by five watch experts amazed the judge

and as a bonus, for people who are jawi literate (no cheating), i would also include a jawi phrase for people to show off their beautiful jawi script. but in this one, i have tried g00gling in vain looking for a jawi pangram and i just cannot be creative enough to come up with a pangram that accounts for all alphabets in jawi script that covers all variations of initial, median and final forms of the alphabets. so this will do, unless somebody can come up (and type it in here which believe me, is such a painful process ~X( ) with a better phrase. and all those spelling bees out there, feel free to correct any spelling mistake that i have in the phrase.

ساي ماكن ناسي چمڤور برسام ايكن دڠن لمبت دان طمع سكالي، مك اوق برصبر سهاجله

there you go. oopps! almost forgot to put up a picture of my own handwriting.

ok then. since i knew already how lollies, gartblue and theotheraj's handwritings look like, i am going to tag che' chomeyll and futuredoc to do this.

[edited] phrase extended due to che' chomeyll excellent addition to include additional letters. but i am not going to rewrite mine :D [edited]

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