Friday, 9 March 2007

terr0r1st and tootbrush

i know that it is difficult to see the relationship between the two subjects mentioned above. the first one is the reason why i am up at 5.00 in the morning submitting an entry and the second one is just a topic that i have thought of posting but not worthy to be on its own and when the two is combined together, you'll get an entry that talks about nothing at all.

i was sitting in front of this pc last night trying to finish up a little bit of work but when i saw those two big pleading eyes standing at the door saying kakak nak tidur dengan ayah, i went inside the bedroom planning to lullaby her to sleep and resume working. which of course would happen very very rarely and i would be dragged into the la la land as well instead.

i don't know where the wild imagination came from but basically i was jolted up from my sleep from the nightmare that i had that wifey had instantly morphed from a working mother of two to the most wanted terr0r1st in our bolehland within one night! i am never good at remembering dreams so don't ask me for details. but as far as i can remember, the dream started normal enough with my whole normal family and my parents were walking around (shopping i think) and my parents bumped into some nice people that they met when they went to phooket the last time.

then, somehow they joined us and at one point, we stopped by at a restaurant to have lunch together. while we were having lunch, wifey had some unsettled business (which i can't remember what, most probably more shopping) and she happened to follow those guys while myself, the kids and my parents waited up for her at the restaurant. just like in the movies, while we were waiting for hours, we found out that kementer1an kew@angan building which was not too far away from our dining place had be b0mbed and we were looking at wifey's photos plastered all over the tv as one of the suspected terr0r1st. apparently, those guys were planning to do it all along and unfortunately she tagged along with them and unwillingly dragged into the drama.

suffice to say, we couldn't go anywhere else while the road was totally jammed due to police roadblocks everywhere looking for the suspects and within hours, the police found us out and started asking questions about wifey's whereabouts.

and to end a very long ambiguous story, i finally met her somewhere in a long winded and hidden back alley which is not very typical of our bolehland architecture after contacting her on her mobile phone with a "borrowed" phone (i lost mine in the commotion- so typical of me). she was wearing a spiderman costume (?) as a disguise and needless to say not very happy but had managed to see off the children in the car.

okey dokey, since that came out much longer than i thought it would be, i'll cut short this one instead.

pictured is the type that i regularly used nowadays, @qu@fresh whitening toothbrush. while i am not particularly the type of person that brushes his/her teeth after every meal, i'll try to get every single thing out of my mouth every time i brush hence a very long session indeed, not less than 10 minutes at one go. and the only reason why i chose this brush is because it has those rubber bristles (?) (not really bristles but more like thin slices of rubber interspliced within the bristles) that is supposed to scrub your teeth to make it whiter. hey, i need to take care of those pearly whites for a brighter smile. :D

it has been trumpeted you should change your toothbrush every six month (or is it three months?) calculating the average wear and tear assuming that you brush twice a day. but i never had a chance to wear out the bristles at all. normally these brushes will quit on me after the second month because those rubber suspension that is supposed to guard you from damaging your gums for brushing too hard will be torn and the toothbrush will be looking like a person with his/ her head snapped and limping on the sides.

i have used these types of brushes before (similar but without the rubber scrubber) and i manage to wear it out beyond its useful date. so i am giving the fourth one that i am currently using the very last chance to prove itself out or i'm switching to another type.

ok. back to work then.

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