Monday, 25 August 2008

Athyra's Aqiqah Ceremony

We went back to our hometown at 3:00pm on Friday, the day before the ceremony. I was somehow too tired to even witness the slaying of the cow. Slept through the whole event and only woke up to help out cut out the meat into edible pieces.

I do notice that this is my third consecutive posts featuring this little, generously-haired little person. However, there were some requests of the photo of the dress being put on the intended person so here it is.

In danger of becoming a trend, I also missed the marhaban ceremony. I was grudgingly negotiating the low pressure shower in the bathroom due to water being utilised extensively somewhere else hence a extended version of the routine (which is quite long in its optimal state. By the time I was properly dressed in that purple baju melayu and adorned with a decorated songkok, the ceremony was already over. The photo that you see of her was captured by some other person and Alyssa whom were entrusted to take photos was more interested to capture the regiment of marhabannis (if I could call them that) instead of taking snapshots of Athyra's crown being snipped away. Thankfully, her thick locks survived the ideal almost unscathed and we have long decided before not to shave it off. If you must know, that photo there was taken after the ceremony and there is not much visible change to her glorious crown.

Despite the last minute notification by a text message in the previous night, 2 missed calls and an unreplied text message from her, Lollies did make it to the event, awakening me from my deep slumber after the marhabban ceremony was done when she arrived at around 1pm. Thank you Lollies! I am not sure whether they had enough to eat or not but I made sure to ask them to the point of irritation whether if they have had enough to eat. And they (Mr Lollies, Lollies and and the Lollies Junior) stayed well over until 4pm when they decided to make a move before I stopped them because Rotidua gave me a call saying that she was still deciding to drop by 5 km away from my parents' en route to her own hometown to pick up her children.

In the end, Rotinotti decided not to stop by despite seeing me from the main road chatting away in those purple baju melayu with Lollies. Lollies' theory was not she was not in her best tudung and mine was that the sight of me could be compared to how it was described by Fahri in Ayat2 Cinta as a drop of dew dropping onto his heart, very soothing and clearing off any doubts whatsoever upon his choice of bride. No I have not read the book nor saw the movie and that description was purely a regurgitation of a third party narration and that description could be slightly of-tangent so forgive my ignorance if you must. And due to such an overwhelming feeling, Roti got cold feet and decided not to drop by (ahahaha!).

Anyway, the second photo is the one I took myself after somebody knocked some senses into me and by that time, all the actions were over and our celebrity of the day was getting her beauty sleep to survive another day.

Somehow I have not been in this kind of blogging mood for a while and it is more than obvious that this rambling has been a lot more than necessary to describe a small occasion by any measure of grandness. It could be due to the fact that I have been very well-rested over the weekend despite having to participate in 2 kenduris and 1 birthday party all within the course of 2 days covering some distance in excess of 300kms. With that, I bade farewell, for now, before I go on and on boring all the readers to death.


mamarawks said...

sukanya tgk dia tido... very the calm.....
wah sumer pakai baju ferfel...

Lana said...

hello.. cutenya ini baby. tau2 dah besar eh?

Anonymous said...

salahkan low water pressure lak sebab kena mandi lama.. hahaha

Jill said...

you just have to get athyra in the dress and take pictures again. too adorable!

by the way, i've made an intelligent guess of where the mousedeers are, based on where lolls and ms nina were - never good at cryptic clues).

mosh said...

nad: as a matter of fact, she has been quite a model baby these past few weeks. dok main sorang-sorang tak kacau mak bapak dia ehehe.

baju department tu serah kat bini. i'm just whatever she had coordinated :)

lana: lana!!! you're around finally. nanti bley subscribe to you.

tu lah. dah besau dah tu. 10months and counting.

screw: err ramai orang la bro. mana nak carik opportunity ehehehe.

jill: ehehe. even wifey also said the same thing on the phone just now. so, maybe it would be out not so far away in the future.

ehehehe. not a complicated riddle la. just a bit indirect and required a wee bit stretch of imagination which i don't think i could come up with myself if i were presented with one.

Anonymous said...

ala-ala Fahri?? blah lar. Jauh sungguh.

You know i can see your (big?) toe in the second pic. You know what say about men's toe kan?


mosh said...

rotinotti: alaa mengaku je la :p

well, i don't really go comparing my BIG toe to other males. heck, i can't even compare them to bulls' and horses'. they don't even have toes!

zan said...

eh ehh..lana is here :)

mentang2 lah anak no 3...kesian athyra...make sure you tangkap lagi gambar dia :)

mosh said...

zan: on the contrary, i think i've shown too much about her already :p . 3 entries in a row with her photos adorning each entry?

elisataufik said...

entah2 nina ada singgah tapi you tertidor..

mosh said...

ehehehe. quite a possible scenario but i double-checked with lollies. it wasn't a dream :p