Thursday, 28 August 2008

My Guardian Angel

I am not sure if anything I were to say in here would be against our aqidah. If it were, please feel free to alert the jahil me.

I have always believed that I have a guardian angel consistently looking over my shoulder, watching out for any significant missteps that I am about to execute in the course of my life. We all should have, right? But I also believe that mine has been working hard indeed. Reflecting back, I can think of many many occasions in which some actions that I would have taken or some decisions that I would have made could have steered into the dark, unknown paths that I should not have ventured into in the the first place.

While I was not a troubled child that was consistently bringing pain and heartaches to my parents, I am not a model citizen either. There are things that I have done that would simply serve as membuka pekung di dada if I were to put it down here. However, those things that I have done are either "harmless", as Gartblue has described me, or those are the harmful things purely on short term basis and were in no way would have any grave consequences or reverberating impact on the general direction of my life.

Thanks to this very hard-working Guardian Angel of mine, I am still in the "right" path, God willing. Whenever I was about to execute the milestones that would make me veered considerably into the dark side, those tasks were either simply impossible to perform or there was no way I could proceed with the chosen course of action or it was just simply the wrong timing for it, which I could only attribute it to the work of some unseen hands. There were times when I had to simply get back to the "right" path with no other options left for me to do.

If you are confused, I am too. But at least I know that I am still moving in the correct direction. And for that, I thank you God. Amin.


Lana said...


Jill said...

I wonder what bring this post about. hmmm.

I believe in Guardian Angel too :)

Nina Zan said...

ler.. baru masuk kerja lambat satu hari dah rasa remorse.

Gart the Blue said...

first i wondered what brought on this post. then i read roti's comment then I tau. cikroti, u hantar abangharmless pukul 5pm ke ? sungguh hebat guilty concience u moshi!

p/s i feel bad about ditching you .. not unlike that witwicky guy who dropped off his strange, freaky friend 10 miles back to make space for the lean-tummy-saucy chick kan. err in transformers, I meant.

Anonymous said...

i'll drop you 1 mile from your house and turn back to give that lean-tummy-saucy transformer chick a ride haha

mosh said...

lana: amin...

jill: one word would answer your question. one elusive word and it's definitely not absenteeism :)

rotinotti: heh. there is a small chance that i was a nerd before but no more :p

gart the blue: well not 5 but almost *rolleyes* but of course that's not it (though i was super restless and almost took a cab)

for that lean-tummy-saucy-chick, i wouldn't even mind changing my name to witwicky, ditch both you and screw so that you could have that happy walk twice over ehehehe.

screwboy: refer to reply to gart ahahaha!

Anonymous said...

better yet, ride her instead. eh wait... the lean-tummy-saucy-chick, not gart hahah

Anonymous said...

i always think it's my mum's constant doa's that prevents me from harm's path altho it doesn't really stop me from swerving in wrong directions but there's a few mishaps that i feel protected, thanks to her endless thoughts for us.


mosh said...

screwboy: ehehehe. that's why we love gartblue so much.

nonah: tu lah. and we have always underestimated the powers of doa. Being parents myself now, need to be wary of such things also.