Friday, 22 August 2008

Invitation to Athyra's Aqiqah

I haven't been posting many comments lately even though I have been a silent reader for most of the alerts that was received via my reader. Pretty distracted lately with work and other things. Life has been quite a topsy-turvy affair, good or bad depending on your perspective. Nothing much more than that I could possibly put down in here so I'll leave that as that. Notwithstanding, I have been well, should you be wondering. We shall get down to business then.

We would be having Athyra's kenduri aqiqah in the Land of the Mousedeer tomorrow Saturday 11:45am. So if you happen to pass by the area, please drop by and give me a call for direction. If you don't have my number, err how to give out eh? Can try e-mailing me or ask from lollies, gartblue, zan, olab, rotinina and some other people who has my number i think, if they haven't deleted it from their phone book eheheh.

She would be wearing this lilac-laced beige dress, finally completed by wifey last night which I think looked really nice especially considering that she had never been in any formal sewing class. I might not talk much about my wife in here (ehehehe!). maybe 1 day I'll put a compilation of her works in the house. Quite impressive, I'd have to say (puji isteriku sekali-sekala :))

So people, anybody who is interested in attending this gala event, please buzz me. This is not an ajak-ajak ayam kind of invitation. I would really appreciate it if anybody could join us


Nina Zan said...

hey hey i'm the first to comment.

Nice dress! the colour coordination is also pretty.

Can get your wife to do dress for our kids jugak lah camni. Sure cute!

mosh said...

ms nina zan: *phew* ada gak orang nak tinggal komen kat sini lagi ehehe.

on behalf of wifey, i say thank you *bow bow* but to ask her to dress many many kids? err. there goes my quality time la ehehehe

Anonymous said...

hantarkan lauk ke red dot ni ha heheh

mamarawks said...

fuh!! salute la...boleh jahit baju...

BTW, thanks for the invitation but will not able to come. Hubby competing with 2 bowling tournaments tomorrow.. so wifey terchenta kena la jadik pom pom girl..

Jill said...

precious! dont forget to post athyra's pictures in the dress.

i am trying to decipher the of the mousedeer..

zan said...

cehh.. i missed your post..btw, last friday pun mmg busy in the ofis..

kalau i tau smlm, mmg i singgah..coz i went to olab's shop launching..1st customer lagi tau :P

pretty dress! boleh buat business nih..mosh, pe salahnya puji wifey, lagi byk lagi baguih :)

mosh said...

screwboy: err red dot? alamak tak paham laa ehehehe.

nad: *tumpang kembang untuk bini*

jill: *beams* posted already! see next entry.

does a mousedeer kicking some royal dogs ring any bell?

zan: ehehehe zan. not done there unfortunately. it was done at my mum's. tu lah belum check updates lagi. i'm quite curious about olab's soft launch gak nak tengok dia ada update ke tak.

salah puji banyak-banyak. as it is pun, dah cukup kembang dah dia ehehehe :p