Thursday, 14 August 2008

Little Updates

Some little updates more towards self-reminder thingy.

  • Athyra is taking baby steps just now. Hopefully she'll be walking by raya time to wear that little creamy-purplish dress made by wifey last night gracefully.

  • Atypically received enough sleep for 2 nights in a row. Yesterday night, slept at 8.30pm due to sleep deprivation. Last night? "Forced" to sleep early due to the above. The bane of having the PC and sewing machine occupying the same table.

  • Hope of weaning Amelya of that nightly diapers somehow disappeared. Few nights ago, she was dry for 4 nights in a row. Not quite for 2 days now.

  • I know those before bedtime spelling bouts with Alyssa is very beneficial. Let's see how long it could last. Have to think of more intermediate words for her.

note: picture is for illustration purposes only. no relation to entry whatsoever. taken in the car en route to work this morning


zan said...

mcm doll laa si kenit tu :)

kalau dah baby steps, by raya dah boleh brisk walking heheh :)

Gart the Blue said...

oh wow .. amelya looks SO vibrant !! very very pretty .. she usually looks cautious .. great trio .. cantik macam mak!

mamarawks said...

uih nampak semangat btol si kenit tuh!
Go power puff girl!! hehehe...

mosh said...

zan: si kakak2 nye pun menggeramkan terlebih sampai nangis budak tu kena cubit.

brisk walking? entah le. kalau follow alyssa, cepat jalan. for amelya, she took some time from standing unaided to full time walking. tengok la nanti. no pressure :)

bluegart: actually nya lah, i took it for granted about seeing amelya's casual/ jovial expressions like that. you're quite right, she doesn't display much of those in public.

pretty as the mother? harlo... i contribute half of their genes ok? :p

nad: thehehe. itu pipi memang tembam. tapi sekarang sudah kurang makan sikit lak. not as eager as before.

Anonymous said...

i love athyra's hair.

and im amaze your wife sew, thats very, very good. especially in this modern day!


ery kumagai said...

si rambut lebat nk kena kidnap ngan i one day, siap dia!

alyssa just soooo ur wifey
(nothing new kan). hehe..but she is lah.

speaking of sewing *cough* errr..tactic mlm td jalan tak?

mosh said...

nonahmanis: it is so lebat now. sikat baby could never work on her hair. have to use ours ehehehe.

sewing is quite a natural talent for her. never went to a formal class or anything like that. that's why dia tak berani nak experiment with baju orang and all. sendiri punya kalau silap takpe.

ery the berry: ehehehe. kalau kena kidnap tu kena basuh berak sekali, tolong la ye ehehe.

err err... tactic malam tadi? huhuhu never executed. knocked out very early like 9.30 camtu while still thinking of words to give to alyssa to spell tak sempat nak initiate the plan pun. takpe try lagi hari ni :) ehehehe

dory said...

soooo jealous tengok rambut athyra! the girls have wonderful smiles :)

butterflutter said...

Alahai mari muah..muah...sikit kat pipi baby tu.

Creamy purplish dress tu mcm sama dgn kita aje.

hafiz238 said...

lebat sungguh rambut athyra tu. Mesti dia kena selalu diusik oleh kakak dia kan :)

famyGirl said...

hahaha baru nak cakap go go ppg! :)
lovely girls they are. memang ikut mak diorg. hee hee

mosh said...

dory: huh, tell me about it. she has more hair than i do now. those wonderful smiles surely came from me :p

butflutt: same eh? alahai comel nya dia ahahah!

hafiz: kena usik, gomol tu selalu. sampai naik marah budak tu.

fg: ehehe ppg. athyra got the buttercup part. ikut mak? :p