Thursday, 28 June 2007

hello, anybody home?

i am in no mood to work today. and efx2 seems to be haunted on this very day. so, this is my to-do (and have done) list for the day:

1- text che' chomeyll offering her the free service to put in the shoutbox in her deserted blog.

2- maximum procrastination with the resume building exercise.

3- apply half-day leave (that afternoon meeting could use my absence once in a while)

4- meet up with an em-ceed wifey for lunch.

5- get early update on pregnancy status.

6- try to be satisfied with the online-booked stale pirates movie if could not secure any transformers ticket (seriously a wishful thinking on its opening day).

7- go home and try to repay some sleep deficit brought about by 2 consecutive nights of 1:30 am bedtime routine.

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