Tuesday, 5 June 2007

the lack (of art) of naming

being a parent without a schoolgoing children yet, i guess i have to play the part of flooding the new blog alert of which even the very busy pb is complaining that she has nothing to read for the lack of postings in the efx2 circle *points to shoutbox*.

i was tagged by both olab and theotheraj on the naming the children tag. there's not much to reveal with the names of my children because all you see is what you get. i.e. my children's names are simply what i have been putting in for the previous entries, single words of alyssa and amelya.

we only started thinking about the names as wifey approaches the 7 months of incubation period (can i use those?). not due to the sin of procrastinating but just talking it easy and not going overboard on celebrating the occasion, just in case, which alhamdulillah, never ended up with any unexpected consequences.

my primary objective is simple, one word only. while it is nice to have long-winded names with beautiful meanings to boot, people won't go through the trouble of calling those names hence it will remain as it will ever be, official names only to be used when filling up forms for added bureaucracy. then of course, the secondary objective is to have a name that does not mean anything bad, no meaning is ok and good meaning is a bonus.

how did alyssa come about? i had always pestered wifey to propose a name, which she never came out with any towards the end. so i was left to my own device.

no, i never thought of that pretty actress with a fashion capital of the world surname as well. the name started of with a pretty malay (and tall) girl that i met in uni that goes by the name allyna with the russian spelling whose good looks befittingly matched the pretty name (not too mention the yummy body :D). and then, a good friend of mine (miss klsentral) had a daughter that goes by the name of arissa and i thought that was a nice name too. so, allyssa came about within a month before she popped out in which the double l's vetoed out by wifey to finally become alyssa. alyssa is also not a tongue-twister that anybody conversant in any language would not have any problem pronouncing either. looked it up in the net and books and found no bad meanings on the name so alyssa she became.

with alyssa's name credit going under my belt, i was hoping that wifey could supply the name of the second one but again, none was forthcoming. the craze that i had in me was that i wanted to give her a classic malay name in the line of dahlia or melor. but i never got to that yuu-em bookstore that lollies said would have such books so in the end, somehow the name emilia rosemera came to mind and twisted to be amelya to have similar 'a' and 'y' convention to alyssa.

wifey had voiced out her unequivocal rights in naming the third one. if he were a boy, i had arman in mind (going by the a convention) but she already said that she is not in favour of that name (whom unfortunately was a very naughty boy during my koleq days that got expelled in the end) but hasn't offered any alternative yet. if she's a girl, i think i have run out of ideas on what to name her and maybe i should go to that yuu-emm bookshop and buy that book quickly.

so, tagging time. i am tagging four people here for their children names:
  1. nectar: let's see how those arif's come about.

  2. daisymalas: don't think she would be malas in naming, heheh

  3. qisst: let's see how gobok baru's name come about and any planned names for unborn goboks.

  4. mamarawks: urls says it all, how rawks are the juniors.

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