Wednesday, 30 May 2007

my two hearts

with this entry, i am hoping to bring up her new blog alerts to a nice round number of 210, hehehe *evil laughs*, as requested by her. there you go, nonah, for good measure :D.

it has been a while since i last wrote about my two children. and i thought the only thing that i would write about when i started this blog was them. well...

i am also giving up uploading photos into the baldigambar. their server is too slow and i just don't have the patience to wait for anything to come up into the screen after entering the address, signing in etc.


the five-year plus (she's a january baby) old is my eldest daughter, if you don't know that already. that plastic smile would always be there if knew that she is being photographed. the wayward and the very perasan one (but both of them are, anyway).

according to my retired doctor friend, from his psychology lessons, i am harbouring a genius in the house. how he came to that conclusion from the fact that she climbed up to the roof of his 1 year old aud1 a4 within 5 minutes of us not concentrating on her while talking or from jumping on another mutual friend's brand new bed in his master bedroom on the second floor when he invited us for his house-warming party, i couldn't figure out till the end.

of course i would like to brag about my daughter but i don't have anything to brag about, unfortunately. she still needs help in her reading though the pace that she's doing it now is somewhat tolerable. she still can't converse in english properly and the absence of those 24-hour cartoon on satellite tv is not helping her either. she is still below the international standard in her kum0n exercises, those 5-minutes-maximum attention span even received special attention from her teacher that she sets out additional time limit for her "wayward" activities. she is far from imitating those strokes of van gogh or monet which i myself can't tell apart anyway. neither has she composed her first note of any sort of masterpiece.

however, i can't dispute the fact that she has a very good photographic memory. you can never promise her anything you didn't mean or she would not be reminding you all the time about it. and she is very good at rebutting what you say. for example, on one weekend morning, she was bugging me about having roti canai and i asked her to get ready so that we could have breakfast outside, not to her liking. naturally, she started giving excuses like it was a hassle to get her still-sleeping adik ready, it was difficult to wake the sleeping mother and finally when all else failed, she said that she will be coughing and panting when i would smoke at the table afterwards, totally disregarding the fact that i would purposely go to another table to smoke and they would happily come over to me.


now, this girl is the more hopeless case. she is currently the little baby in the house and she acts like one. she still has the pelat in her and speaks very very slowly even though she is going to be 4 in the coming december. in my eyes, alyssa will be the pretty one and she is the cutey, lovey dovey adorable ones. definitely not as adventurous as the elder one but a very much more amiable.

she is the type that will not ask for anything (until quite recently) when you go shopping anywhere. most of her possessions are almost always the result of guilt-stricken parents buying something for her share following the elder one's successful campaign of getting what she had wished for.

i still couldn't pique her interest beyond ba in the iqra' reading. but she loves the book nonetheless, when i am the one reading. up until october, she will still be the baby of the house and while she is happy with the fact that there is a baby (whenever we asked her, she would always say that he is a boy hehe) growing in her mama's tummy, i doubt that she understands the "impending threat" towards her baby status in the house.

while she may seem to be not as smart as her elder sister, she must have a stronger right brain. she is almost as quick as her elder sister who is 23 months older in solving puzzles. and she creates faces from those magnetised pieces that is supposed to teach her alphabets, curves and shapes.


there you go. nothing mind-blowing or constructive in this entry. just throwing some thoughts of mine into writings that will serve as my reading pleasure on how i viewed those two little hearts of mine in the distant future as of this 29 may 2007 12:30 am. and also to rub in the fact that i would be on leave tomorrow and will have the luxury of waking up late and submitting the entry at this ungodly hour heheh.

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