Monday, 28 May 2007

expensive weekend affair

nope, you can wipe of those saucy imaginations of yours because this was not one of those "interesting" ones. this one was an affair that involved about 15 children, many young adults and much more grown ups. i was talking about my trip downsouth to the land of the big bats.

my cousin was getting engaged on saturday last weekend. so, we duly made our procession on saturday morning despite the horror of school holidays gridlock traffic and commotion. the weather was clear, traffic was excellent and we were on time despite the fact that i only had two hours of sleep, thanks to the first book that i finished this year, kane and abe1 the early morning before the trip. didn't i tell you that it is never for me to do 2 things that i would do compulsively if i were to start, read a good book and play video games? i would go on and on and will not bow to the pressure of sleep or lure of a warm comfy bed.

it was smooth sailing until we reached the toll exit. we had another break there to straighten up those crumpled legs, cleared up those drooping eyelids and refilled the sentuh'n'jalan card and wifey took the opportunity to change for the occasion. the 20km ride from the toll-plaza to the bat town via the dual-lane carriageway was smooth enough; until a tiny pebble from the other side of the road hit my windscreen and immediately brought about a hairline crack about half a feet in length. and i didn't opt for those daymn windshield insurance. and it has grown to about two feet in length (inwards, fortunately) for the past two days.

in addition, one of alyssa's cousin contracted conjunctivitis before the trip. since they played together a lot, when we were heading home yesterday night, alyssa unsurprisingly wore those red-yes as well. so today, wifey would have to take leave and it would be my turn tomorrow and the day after.

those two days of leave tomorrow would also render me ineligible to claim those additional allowance sitting pretty in the place of my immediate boss whom will be away for two weeks starting from last week. bah!

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