Friday, 11 May 2007

head count and alternatives (edited)

due to the overwhelming requests by some people who would like to make me work rather than posting my comments around flooding their alerts :laugh:, i found myself elected unofficially to become the organiser for the efx2 (but i'm not a hostist so others can join too) meet. personally, i can't call it a reunion because i have never been to an efx2 union before.

our dependable and resourceful peebee, engrossed with her mountains of research and charts, had come up with a beautiful chart, visualising the tentative dates of potential people coming back to this bolehland. however, due to the width constraint of my current design template, need to reproduce the chart with the amendment of elisa's homecoming incorporated as well.

since it's a demokrasi terpimpin country, we all love options (limited, but alternatives nonetheless). from the chart you could see that we cannot accommodate everybody, so i am proposing 2 meets instead of 1! (ok maybe the second one can be called reunion). lollies has been kind enough to invite for a makan2 at her house so that should count as the second one. so, it is time now to discuss on the details of the first one.

but to put into perspective and limiting the discussion towards the subject matter only so that people won't deviate into other matters such as their kittens are having indigestion and pooing on their lawn or their children managed to secure 24 a's in their latest spm results, i'll put down these as starters. don't worry about posting a comment here because there is absolutely no toll and comments do not have to be directed to me also.
  1. atttendance: self-explanatory. we can't have a meet when nobody turns up, can we?

  2. weekdays/ weekends: to many pa's and ma's including myself, weekdays means extended lunch period and weekends means coming over with the whole regiment. pb had proposed 24th. june which is on sunday.

  3. venue: i guess this one depends on no 1. but if weekdays, of course i would prefer somewhere around pj area. but that wouldn't be good news to pb (seems to be quoting her all the time in this post) because she is so far away and i was also informed that she reluctantly drives out of her territory.

  4. food: this one will also depend on both of the above. if potluck, then i guess we'll have to find a suitable venue and a good avenue to show off all those wonderful recipes that people have posted.

  5. budget: i know for sure that i don't have a money tree growing in my backyard so if anybody else have any preset limit, please inform in advance (if the choice is eating outside la)

[edited]it would be nice if i could incorporate into the chart the availability factor of zan and lana, homecoming of nectar and any other sumo-lah extras who have to join their promotional tours.

that's all i could think of right now. my plea for ideas in che' chomeyll post never got any response. so, fire away people!

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