Monday, 25 June 2007

blogger meet at midV

in exactly 2 weeks time on the 9th. july, the blogger meet at midV will be a reality (if the world is still around). so, time is really running out for the gyrating olab to impress, hehehe.

this post is to remind people that it is still ON, barring any unforeseen circumstances. the list of people who have stated their positions are as follows:

guests of honour (read must-come coz we fixed the date for them anyway)

1- the currently very-quiet-in-a-rush to complete all the packings lollies.
2- the anak-mithali whom spends time in hospital even-in-winter-holidays che' chomeyll. she might be dragging along a reluctant mr aie, by the way.

most probably will come

1- the shy2 me.
2- gartbiru srp, spm, gce, bsc, msc (whom goes there every other day anyway).
3- another shy guy (NOT!) theotheraj (he has no choice but to come).
4- the gyrating olab.
5- the celebrity rotinotti.
6- THE very-busy-working-on-weekends designer pb and her painter medic student sister intysaar.
7- the very preggy zany zan.
8- the wedding planner, cat/vet lover famygirl.
9- the always-described as selim melim and demure ld.
10- the conspicuously missing-for-several weeks amyra. she said before that she could come on behalf of fd but definitely she could come as herself hehehe.

the in-absentia attendees

1- the germ-spotter layth-mother fd whom would be in another reunion.
2- the pr1ncess of pers1a jammer elisa who would still be enjoying the intimate ps2 moments with her children.
3- the "hardworking" isteri mithali bee-in-too-much-love currently.
4- the forever nesting mak buyung with a bathroom-cleaning 5-year old girl (wowser!) nazrah.
5- the soon-to-be-a-book-author our miss ar@b nonah.

the ideal workers whom cannot ponteng (hence most probably won't make it)

1- the reading-while-cooking mother oo.
2- the one who has a cooking hubby mommyalif.

the unknowns (i.e. no tangible response so far)

1- the busy new parents with pasha beary bear and diah.
2- the grieving dory (she could use some entertainment though)

the maybes

1- the blogsp0ter artist qisst.
2- the just-invited busy bee butterflutter.

ok. i think that should cover most if not all of the "regulars". did i miss anyone? please don't ambik ati if i didn't include any of you. i will edit the post if you give me a buzz, you know.

ok. in terms of itinerary, it's quite simple.

1- 12.30pm: makan, talk, makan, talk (suggestions of restaurant please! my suggestion is little penang cafe coz don't think our guests of honour would appreciate ma1aysian food instead of western)

2- 1:30pm: ibadat time.

3- 2:30pm: bowling time.

lollies had informed me also most probably she won't be able to accommodate the second get-together session at home. so this would be THE only gathering. so sorry olab and rotinotti, there goes your chance of meeting wifey in the foreseeable future. unless she would like to join that 9th. afternoon. (eh! ok gak yang! jom! kita lama tak pi bowling dah since we're not going to that kd9 one)

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