Friday, 15 June 2007

balik kampung and superhero

for those who read the comments that i made in olab's entry would know what the title is all about. basically, my mum has had this polyccythaemia vera for a few years already. you can read about it more here (thanks beelove) and here. she has been suffering fever for almost 2 weeks and started to show those fingers and toes were starting to sore (what's that single word for fingers and toes again?) like when her ailment were at its peak about 2 years ago. according to the haematologist, those red sores is due to the iron deposits that could not be recirculated by the slow-moving blood hence reddish-bluish appearances.

initially, they thought of admitting her to monitor more on the progress. but thanks to the crony that we had in hospital me1aka, the results of the blood test, x-rays and diagnosis of the radiologist and haematologist confirmed that that ailment of hers is still in check (haemoglobin count of about 12 which is ok) so it could just be a viral infection. however, since i have already my bosses that i would take 2 days emergency leave, we still went balik kampung wednesday night and came back home at around 7pm yesterday. i could've gone to work today but just not motivated enough to wake up early to cancel another day of leave so just stayed in bed.

nevertheless, all the lembahkelang binmatsah (thanks mommyalif) balik kampung yesterday. almost everyone was there except for the one residing in the most north-eastern corridor of our semenanjung. a bit too far for her to come back. those sambal berlaukkan nasik meals that i had for the whole day long didn't help my digestive system that had to spent several hours within those 4 or 5 times to cater for those bowel movements. thankfully today, it has been re-regulated and it should go back to its once daily routine again.


one of the interesting news that i gathered from the balik kampung was the experience of 2 of my nephews aged 14 and 16 who are staying there. there were having afternoon snack (after school i think) at one of our favourite eatery (nothing fancy just a roadside warung with the best food and long waiting period) when suddenly 5 masked ch1nese thugs, armed with samurai sword in a black-tinted 1swara screeched to a halt by the roadside and started slashing a group of 5 ind1an men in the middle of their meals.

the end result wasn't pretty either. three of the slimmer ind1an men managed to scramble but the other 2 were not so lucky. one of them succumbed to fatal injuries while the other one who was chased after far from the crime scene had a severed arm, dangling with the only a tiny piece of skin holding them together and still fighting for his life in the icu. the satay seller also got slashed unintentionally when the thugs were swinging the sword to hit the man.

however, far from being traumatised, the boys were excitedly telling the story and even went to check out the man with the severed arm. i think the violence that we abundantly being fed in movies does that to us, and them. latest news that we heard is that one of the thugs had been caught. but to think that such event could happen in our little sleepy hollow is unthinkable when i was their age. in the name of progress, i guess.


in another news, i think i got all three categories above 99% for the heroes test which is totally illogical. so i'll do another one and put down the results properly here. i was the isaac guy when i did it and see if i would still be the same guy on the encore test.

Your Score: Isaac Mendez

You scored 29 Idealism, 45 Nonconformity, 70 Nerdiness

I need painting supplies.

Congratulations, you're Isaac Mendez! You're a talented, creative, artistic soul with a few demons you've been working to overcome. You are really passionate person and you are not afraid to express yourself or your emotions.

Your best quality: Creativity and artistic talent.
Your worst quality: A possibly addictive or indulgent personality

Link: The Heroes Personality Test written by freedomdegrees on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test
hey i was right! all three was above 99% again! whatever that means. :-w but definitely very high on nerdiness. yay!

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