Tuesday, 17 March 2009

My Take on Gender Inequalities

On parenting boys and girls that is. It is now already 40-odd days since my first boy was born on 29th. January. Oh yeah, since I have not been updating, his name is Mohammad Shaqeef by the way.
  1. We are such inefficient creatures: Referring to the utilization of diapers as an example. While girls would thoroughly fill the whole breadth of the diapers, boys would only utilize the frontal portion mostly unless they poop while leaving the rear portion as dry as my butt. Maybe they should produce diapers specifically for boys with those moisture-absorbing materials concentrated mostly at the front portion and leave the rear section with minimal padding. Or, they should design diapers which are fully reversible. Then possibly we could reduce the landfill of diapers by one quarter not to mention being easy on the pockets as well.

  2. All about breasts: I have not seen any babies whom would throw tantrums craving for milk while feeding, except for the baby boy. Though I have to admit my scope of watching breastfeeding mothers closely is albeit limited. He just simply could not get enough of it. Reminds me of my long time dear friend Shankar who said to us once in one hot summer Tu lah korang, kecik2 tak mau menyusu puas-puas. Dah besar barula kemaruk tengok... replying to the bountiful fruiting summer season that we had while strolling in the scorching summer heat in the city. To him I would say, my take is that boys (and men alike) and breasts are simply inseparable. Deny them the right to one, they would throw tantrum, regardless of age.

  3. We are comfort-craving creatures: Despite the tough, hardcore or suave facade, we the male species crave for comfort that comes in the form of the opposite gender. I am perplexed to see that the baby boy cries most of the time when he is awake and I did not think the three girls were as restless as he was at his age. But then again, this is the baby that I have most contribution on my part, not due to the fact that I had to do many things for him but mostly because wifey is so tied up entertaining him that I have to do more on my part to take care of the other 3 including the adorable, gung ho 17-months old rambut lebat.

  4. Smells odd: Seriously! I'm not sure due to the difference in physiology or the fact he has some cradle cap on his head but he sure smells different than the other three as far as I can remember. And I can't recall thinking of the different smells of the three when they were his age.

  5. The mother: Not quite related to the gender of the baby but since it was her first C-Section, err how many days to pantang eh?

I guess that's all I could think off for now. I'm sure I would discover more as he grows older, if I get to see him grow older. Al-fatehah to my dear friend Zul whose passing was described by gart in here.

p/s: To Myra, Famy and Diah, I still know I owe you guys the tags huhuhu. At least niat nak buat tu ada lagi.

p/p/s: I know somebody who read this entry would demand a photo. I'll edit later to include his photo ok? No suitable photos with me as of now.


Mrs.A said...

I am sorry to hear about your friend's passing. Moga dia ditempatkan dgn orang2 yang soleh .

Lain la pulak rupa boy you ni. Boys are generally more demanding la Mosh... Do you know the preggers mum carrying a boy has to pump 5-10% more blood than if she is carrying a girl. You see, dari dalam womb lagi dah demanding.. he he.

With my c-sect I pantang sama jer 44 days. Cuma tak urut bahagian tummy. (that only done after 2-3 months). Do you plan to cukur? Then you can use a sponge to sponge the cradle cap off. If not, lumur rambut (nice rambut he has btw) dgn baby oil, then use a soft hairbrush to brush off.

How's things on the maid front? I tgh fikir ni nak ambik ke tak.

mama pasha said...

alfatihah for ur friend mosh.. take ur tim on d tagging part.. btw mamypoko ada diapers for boys laaa.. pasha pakai yg pants.. tahan lama sket.. eheheh.. most of d time it holds tru d night.. ;) now dah jimat pakai diapers 1 a day.. masa nak tido aje.. hehehe.. and satu lagi.. boys mmg minta perhatian extra... :) selamat berjuang.. heheheh..

mosh said...

mrs a: Insya-Allah.

I think all of my children look different somehow. Variety of genetic root kot ehehe. One nyonya at kum0n also commented cakap all three girls looked different. Memangla I suppose the male species ni is pretty demanding.

We plan to cukur when we have his khenduri aqiqah (whenever that will be. Hopefully before he turns one.

Our second attempt with the maid Alhamdulillah seems fruitful enough for now. Ok lah we are quite satisfied with her. So far, no complaints and hopefully it will be that way for a very long time.

diah: Amin...

Somehow after I submitted the entry baru teringat ada mamyp0ko tu tapi isk mahal sikit la. Anak sorang bley la ehehehe.

zan said...

alaa comeinya dan semangat! :)dah sunat ker belum??

if you ever notice, boys nangis cam kena pukul ha ha ha..

nak tengok latest gambar doll yg berambut lebat tu hehehe...

Anonymous said...

macam aku cakap kat gartblue la.. baru satu boy hahaha wait till they get to 4-6 years old, ko boleh tengok makan tak ingat donia.

Anonymous said...

he looks like you la.

you know what they say about the cause of cradle cap kan..? heh heh heh

pantang how many days heh... red light stop, green light go.

org lain agree tak?

mosh said...

zan: well i'd be that semangat if i have that much of susu in one day. as it is pun cukup semangat dah ehehehe. dah sunat dah. on the second day he was born tu hari.

part nangis toksah cerita. the other day i was in the bathroom dengar meraung tak bagi can terbantut shower coz i had to check out apasal nangis beria coz i thought wifey was downstairs. tengok she was holding him and entah apasal gamaknya mengangis beria camtu, hesh... and gambar doll berambut lebat yang dah boleh mencairkan dengan memanggil an elongated ayah with her own tone tu akan diusahakan di entry selepas ini :)

screwboy: because of you, i was very careful with the plurality of my nouns. wherever you found plurals, hey ni anak jantan sulung sorang pun ada daaa. ehehehe part makan tu nanti kena tunggu dan lihat dulu.

rotitori: ceh... kesitu aja dia. green light go eh? err won't affect the internal stitches? seghiau plak heh...

budeen said...

comey baby.. :)

Ummu Layth said...

there are special nappies for boys lah. different cutting hehehe.

anak lelaki kuat makaaaan/minum susu. good thing though..ur wifey will lose pregnancy weight quicker heheheh.

not sure if your girls are active kids but i think boys are like more hyper

OO said...

congrats mosh though its a tad late, saya memang ketinggalan keretapi...sekarang baru ada sikit masa nak hop around..

boys memang demanding, I pun ada satu as compared to 3 girls, kuat menyusu macam kebuluran sebulan tu standard la for boys..kuat nangis pun ya..

pantang for c-section? tak tahu lah orang lain..i ni 4 kali beranak, 4 kali c-section and my pantang period were strictly 100 days!! kalau pantang makan benda2 sejuk (macam nangka, dokong, and the like) and seafood after one year baru sentuh menda2 tu..pantang jangan main-main tau! badan nak pakai lamaaaa...nanti apa-apa hal diri sendiri jugak yang merana..jamu makan ke tidak?

ery kumagai said...

alahai dah sebulan lebih dah..aunty ery blom pi visit lagi. hehe

dah ada maid eh patut ler tak nampak ur alyssa/amelya kt kindy tu dah.

aah i pun nk ckp ada diaper for boy/girl. lain le sket design nya, i dh selidik. hehe. saje curious

mcmana si rambut lebat eh? dia jeles tak ngan adik dia. dia breastfeed lagi ke? how ek

last but not least, agak2 penat nk jaga si rambut lebat tu, meh saya sukarela meng kidnap dia. sila lah hubungi. anytime i pick up

Myra said...

So cute la your boy Mr Mosh. Yum yum yum, rasa mcm nak gigit2. Hehhe..

I like point no 2! Hahhahahah hilarious!

Dont worry about the tags *wink

Lollies said...

kah kah kah. now you know how mothers (oklah kasi can fathers too) suffer for their boys.

As for me bila dapat Sya, I rasa sungguh pelik why is she drinking so little.

mosh said...

i have replied this one when i submitted the new entry. don't know what happened to the replies. Here are the replies again, hmmmm.

budeen: thanks and thank you also for dropping by this hardly updated blog.

fd: only after i submitted baru teringat. but then again, only those expensive ones (read the one that we don't use) yang ada this gender-specific diapers kan?

she'd lose weight faster eh? she'd better be! ehehehe.

if boys are much hyper than girls, i wonder how i would cope with a child more hyper than alyssa, 7 years later...

oo: thanks oo. saya pun lama tak hop jugak actually. 2 3 hari ni je baru nak berhopping balik.

nangis tu toksah cerita la. memang macam kena pukul! pantang for 100 days?!!! huhuhuhu.... we'll see about that ;) jamu belum makan lagi actually. she tried starting tu hari but then the baby started berak-berak so stopped balik.

olab: alaaa jangan la cakap camtu. saya lagi malu tak pergi visit your "baby" lagi for err more than a year already.

si rambut lebat tak jealous so far. she's still getting lots of attention so i suppose owing to that, she has no reason to be kot. ehehehe sanggup ke nak jaga si rambut lebat yang banyak kerja tu? you have your hands full already meh...

myra: ehehehe tqtq. takpa kecik lagi bley gigit. dah besar kalu lain cerita :p

lolls: yes thank you, fathers too. tengok si oo tu suruh pantang 100 days!!! adeh...

maybe this time i won't insist on him being fed exclusively on breast milk for the first six months. the three girls nampak ok je but for this one, rasa macam tak cukup je nak express. cakap je memang le senang ehehehe.

Mrs.A said...

c-sect ke, tak c-sect ke.. that one still pantang 100 days laa.. petua orang2 tua!!!