Friday, 3 July 2009

The Musang is a Man?

For those who are so infatuated with the musang yang bermata kucing, please click on this link. har har har!

But, fret not. Here's an answer to the conspiracy theory. zzzz! Get a life people! More pressing matters to debate on. Like world peace, for example.


Mrs.A said...

err... err... I let my hubby watch the movie first la... before I show this... (confius confius)

P/s - what do you mean provided AZ doesnt speak or move? hey.. he is such a gentleman tau. I met him at IKEA before and he held the lift door open for a friend and actually struck up a nice conversation!

Anonymous said...


Screw would be banging his head already by now.

Anonymous said...

doesn't matter if the man-stuff are no longer there. as long as the tits and pussies are in working condition hahaha

Mrs.A said...

Mosh, You know the girl in PICU in UK passed away kan? Just in case you tak tahu , I sampaikan. Sad aint it.. she lost her fight. Tak sedar pun dari mula. They should be back in Malaysia soon.

mosh said...

macam dah lambat sangat nak reply pulak.

Mrs A: isn't AZ a bit of a softie?

rotis: that would be a plus point for screw, no? ehehehe

screwboy: as long as the plumbing works eh? tapi kalau betul camtu, seghiau gak.

Mrs A: i've heard. my friend sent an email. tapi tak update. Not quite in the mood for blogging nowadays though there are a few stories to tell.