Friday, 13 November 2009

Little Update

Not so much of a blogger I am, nowadays. Last entry on 4th.August. Pretty annoyed with a unit trust agent disrupting my peace of mind enjoying the therapeautic sounds of running water in this park. Many things has happenened since even the last few entries so I'll just summarise then here if you still want to know.


Thanks to that unit trust agent, I have to continue writing this in the comfort of my cubicle rather than in front of that fountain while killing the last few minutes before Solat Jumaat came calling.

Athyra had her second birthday celebration and our raya open house in the dying days of syawal on the 17th.October, one day before her actual second birthday. Many thanks to zan, rotidua, bear, diah and pasha and the single-with-kids screwboy who took the trouble to make it. Really appreciated it despite the diminutive time I got to spend with you people.

Some view from the meeting rooms in the office, not from my cube which is located by a huge pillar in the middle of the building where I could only see the distant windows several metres away.

Nice new office mates, good food, great view

Credits to Irwan, my manager for the photos. It's not my work so I won't pretend that it was. Photos was taken during our quarterly potluck lunch.

What else is newsworthy? Nothing much for now I guess. Till later then.


mamarawks said...

new office? new job? new kompeni?.. wah sungguh saya lost!!.. looks like KLCC.. tower 2?

Lollies said...

makcik terkejut tengok foto foto tersebut. terwonder sekejap, berry pun boleh ambik gambar itu macam ka?

looks like you are enjoyin yourself. pot luck mot luck lagi.

mosh said...

Mamarawks: yup tower 2. You there too?

Lollies: ehehe no it can't. But the fountain photo was taken by it.

Enojoying myself, yes. Stressed pun ada gak

mosh said...

My english is getting from bad to worse. The fountain photo was taken with it hesh

Anonymous said...

whooaaaa.. got update meh?

the two boys tagging along during athyra's party was the PTW from the wife hahaha

mosh said...

terkeluar update macam angin senggugut, kot. not like i've had one.

i'm sure your wife knows enough to send two ptw's along

famyGirl said...

waaah... so close to kinokuniya. i am jealous :P

errr... you left the kompeni kedekut elektrik ke? saya ketinggalan...

mosh said...

fg: and yet, i have not set foot in it since ehehe.

i did not exactly left the kompeni kedekut elektrik. more like a secondmend je. will be here for a year camtu.

Heather said...

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