Tuesday, 14 August 2007

another gift!

please excuse my lack of updates. too busy levelling up four characters and chatting with teenagers in the game :D.

anyway, i should have submitted this post last week but ... (no excuse forthcoming). the rezeki that came upon this blogging world seems to be very murah for me. who can claim to have received something from two people that they have never met within one year? i can.

last week, i received another gift from makteh for leaving a comment at the right time as described by her here. so, i would like to say:

Thank you mak teh

the acar buah is nice. sorry no photo. gambar hiasan is the one nicked from makteh's blog. it came by post to my office last week in a bubble-wrapped parcel. my kids and i had fun popping up the bubbles also, hehehe. that's a bonus.

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