Wednesday, 22 August 2007

don't worry, be happy!

first of all, apologies for not being able to visit any of efx2 pages or even reply the comments that you beautiful people left in my blog. either my proxy or efx2 server doesn't like me very much. i can't even get into any single page without waiting for gazillion of hours and patience is one thing that i'm severely lacking when it comes the internet and or any other IT equipments in general. if fact, it would be a miracle if i could submit this entry.

i must've woken up on the wrong side of the bed (even though it was the same one as yesterday or many days before) because a lot of things that could go wrong went wrong. initially, when i went down to clear up the last few remaining dishes, there was a very scared feline that was running around the house looking for an exit. opened up all doors and windows but the horrified cat just could not think straight and kept bumping into furnitures and brick walls instead. after several minutes of running around, i finally managed to corner the cat and picked it up. the worst thing that you could to a terrified cat. it was gnawing my fingers like it was enjoying its best catch of the day and unfortunately the f word slipped out of my mouth and i seriously hoped that alyssa who was running around with me did not register that into her fairly impressive long term memory.

when that was all settled, i went back to the business as usual routine. i was thinking of sending the car for a regular maintenance service which will also provide me the opportunity to fix the non-functional spare key. i remembered that i stashed the key somewhere around the house so that i could easily find it should the need arises but ironically, i just couldn't remember where that place is. spent a few precious minutes looking for the spare key before finally giving up and postponing the plan for the car service until tomorrow so that i can look for the key tonight.

as i was sitting down to wear my shoes, a loud ripping sound suddenly came from the worst place possible. checked it out and found a good and airy centimetres of split pants. and like most of the people i know, we don't exactly get ready to the office with hours to spare and i simply didn't have the luxury of time to let wifey sewed it up or went upstairs and ironed another one. moreover, it happened in the most obscured place possible so unless i'll be walking around upside down eagle spread the whole day, nobody would notice anyway. so, i'm feeling a little airy today and please don't ask me why i would be sitting with the most civilised poise for the whole duration of the day.

if you're thinking that i would be grumpy with such a bad start of the day, i can tell you that you are very wrong! despite all that, i'm still happy. happy, happy, happy!

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