Friday, 7 September 2007

our pride and joy?

when i checked my own blog, it seems that the last entry i posted was like 2 weeks ago. no, i am not that busy and i'm sure you know that because you have seen my comments splattered all over other people's blogs. it is just that currently my life is going through that phase that has nothing interesting to be shared with all of you. interesting enough for me that i don't have to peel myself of the bed reluctantly everyday but i doubt those things would make anybody curious, happy or wiser.

that is until the kompeni published this news item in our intranet website. i am not sure whether i am jumping the gun or revealing any p&c info of the kompeni but the models are on public display in our headquarters anyway so i don't think it is such a bad thing to be published here. however, if you get a phone call from me looking for a job after this or put up a job search entry, you know why that would be.

what i am talking about is our new headquarters building as pictured in the artist illustration, to be built within the same proximity that we are now. we are talking about a 36-storey structure to be nestled within the same compound in which at the moment has an 11-floor building as the highest! and to stress the point further, it is in addition, not replacing any of them. what will be displaced would be some very very low density semi-detached staff quarters which includes the building that houses amelya's nursery.

should i be concerned? of course i am. because if you work in this vicinity and trying to beat the punch card or go home during the rush hour, it is simply helter skelter. few minutes before the 8am are always the most treacherous where you would see any clerical or admin stuff, executives, managers and senior managers alike became half breeds of f1 drivers or motogp riders and the crews of the flying dutchmen, in a trance-like state rushing to swipe that silly card which bears not your worst ever photograph before the dreaded display of 8:01.

while not as bad as the morning sessions, the gasoline burnt by those queueing cars to go home everday should be enough to light 1000 houses for one night. add some heavy rain into the formula and you'll get an interesting mix of wet bike riders, car drivers and umbrellaed jaywalkers all jostling for the same, limited exit paths.

so, imagine those multiplied by ten and you'll see why i am a little concerned with the new kid on the block, planned to be fully completed and occupied by 2010. hopefully the relevant people have done their paperwork and have some decency of thoughts to us the commoner who has another life at home and don't spend the whole time in the office.

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