Friday, 21 September 2007

be positive!

positive thinking, easier said than done. but not impossible definitely. and what could be anything positive that could be coming out of this efx2 downfall, you might ask.

for me, i've learnt to utilise the g00gle reader to keep up with bodies of stars scattered across the blog universe after the efx2 big bang! thankfully, whether they realised it or not, most of the people that i normally get in touch with within the efx2 community with the subscription facilities have built-in rss capabilities in their new blog hosts. initially i thought i would only be able to keep up with their new blog alerts because that is the most obvious way to subscribe to the rss service. but voila! thanks to <a href=>hafiz</a> i found out that i can even keep up with the comments posted on each of their entries like the little subscription utilities in our old efx2 service. so now, i've arranged everything nicely into the reader that i am able to keep track of the alerts as easy as it was during the heyday of efx2.

the bonus points? i can even easily monitor the ones i normally patronise outside of the efx2 blogosphere as well, most definitely. so, my little subscription facilities, though not as nicely integrated as the internal service of efx2 even has its own positive points, like previewing the entry without actually going into the website.

so, there you go. again, i would like to reiterate the whole point of this entry; some good will always come out of any mishaps or calamities, no matter what they are.

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