Friday, 28 September 2007

balik kampung! yeay!! yeay!! yeay!!

since it's already 1 in the morning and i can't exactly submit an entry tomorrow in the office, i'll do this quickly then, on-the-fly.

sounds like a happy happy title but i'm really  hoping it wouldn't be a wishful thinking only for the raya period. wifey went for a check up 2 weeks ago (i know, i know that long ago) and guess what? the baby is already engaged! edd (estimated date of delivery for the uninitiated) is supposed to be 20<sup>th.</sup> october (ok that's only one week after raya) and she/ he (most probably she) can't wait to come out? alaaa please laa my little baby. give me a chance to eat to my heart's content all those cholesterol-brimming home-made lemangs and oil and fats laden rendang please!!! and what should i do with those fireworks that i've spent some good money on? don't go out yet, please my dear baby. i wouldn't fancy celebrating raya in the hospital.

which brings out the other question? should i balik kampung (go back to the hometown) at all, considering that the baby is engaged already and raya is like 2 weeks from now? historically, both alyssa and amelya were induced so not much history there. alyssa however came about around the edd time when the water bag broke and not much choice there but to be induced.

my only feeble justification for balik kampung this time around has always been that the three lane highway has been completed all the way in addition to the short 6km dual lane carriageway all the way to in front of my parents'  so hopefully, hopefully we won't be seeing those 3 4 hours of horrible jam every raya balik kampung period for a journey that would normally take about an hour and a half. plus, there are hospitals along the way to deliver the baby right? hmmph! tak mo kawan...

need to pay the fitrah (alms) for 4, for now. even that wouldn't be a problem should the baby come when we were in me1aka. i can just pay that to my father whom is collecting in the hometown anyway.

so, should i? should i? i know seremban also one private hospital beside the highway what..... huuwaaaa!

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