Tuesday, 2 October 2007

this will do, for now

found out when i was clearing my alerts today that the old style commenting facilities where you can actually see the entries and other people's comments when trying to comment on a post have been implemented by some people. so, full of envy, i browsed through the leaders page looking (and expecting) a simple way of implementing those. so, the next best thing would be to install a new template that will implement that automatically. and viola! all the little customisations that i made previously just vanished into thin air obviously.

furthermore, i found that the right-side column is waaaay too small to my liking. spent the rest of the hour combing the html codes only to find something remotely legible to possible to modify the column width. suspected that it has something to do with the td.rightside thingy finally after several swears and curses. but somehow the very very thin right-side column just simply wouldn't budge!

after trying for an hour and beginning to realise i might have to live with the thin right column which is so not like me, i reinstalled the shoutbox and somehow, magically it expanded. needless to say since it's almost 2 am already, i don't have the luxury to even dwell into the aesthetics part so i guess my blog will stay in this very basic, boring and colourless format for now. at least i got the right-side column to be generously proportioned, right?

and guess what? only after i submitted this entry, and tried to post a testing comment, it does not come with the inline form or whatever they call it as stated by lollies in the shoutbox! damn! well it's too late and i'm going to bed. tomorrow then, bah!

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