Friday, 5 October 2007

tags of 4

hehehe. if you're thinking that this is the tag of 5 currently reticulating in efx2blogs, no it's the tag of four that i have to do first coz i got tagged by this earlier than the 5 tags by our qisst. ok?! will do that one later don't worry err che' chomeyll and cikbee.

4 things that scare me
  1. women in the mornings when they wake up! hehehehe
  2. lizards crawling up upon my arms
  3. airborne cockroaches
  4. stray cats getting trapped in my house while nobody's home and pee/ poop in the house

4 people who make me laugh
  1. myself sometimes
  2. the car mechanics while looking at the bills
  3. my daughters, in their good days
  4. wifey, when she's rolling her eyes at my antics

4 things i love
  1. love thyselves
  2. god, parents, family and those
  3. definitely not the car mechanics
  4. my pc at home that had served me unquestioningly while i play the online game

4 things i hate
  1. i do hate myself sometimes you know
  2. have to relieve those bowel motions desperately despite being in not so conducive toilets
  3. red traffic lights all the way home
  4. flat tyre or stranded

4 things i don't understand
  1. myself can eh?
  2. women
  3. cats
  4. dogs

4 things on my desk
  1. buku kod etika
  2. my staff card
  3. some strewn papers/ un-filed documents
  4. the pc's monitor

4 things i'm doing now
  1. not being entirely truthful
  2. talking to a sulking wife
  3. sratching my head
  4. sulking myself

4 things i want to do before i die
  1. all the religious obligations
  2. live a debt-free life
  3. dentures maybe, if i live long enough
  4. die before wifey

4 things to describe my personalities
  1. male lion: sleeping all the time
  2. cockles: grinning for many hours of the day
  3. polar bear: huggable?
  4. panda bear: dark circles, clear sign of lack of sleep

4 things i cannot do
  1. dance, thank god you've been spared the embarrassment of not being my dance partner
  2. sing, ok i can a bit but not in a way that can impress the girl next door but i think much better tone control than my neighbour hehehe.
  3. get below 70kgs, not that i've really tried
  4. play field games like soccer, rugby or hockey. court games ok

4 people i want to tag
this one i want to tiru qisst
  1. first blogger to leave comment
  2. second blogger to leave comment
  3. third blogger to leave comment
  4. fourth blogger to leave comment

with the exception of qisst, of course

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