Friday, 2 November 2007

saved by the bell

her mobile phone, actually.

today is 2nd. november. not a significant date? to me it should be. it's a day before my (counting fingers) seventh anniversary. and yes, i wholesomely totally, totally forgot about it yesterday.

as i was snuggling into bed minutes before midnight last night, my journey towards lala land was interrupted by the persistent beeps from her mobile. though one of her well-established job function at home is as my fail-proof biological alarm clock, she was not moved by the beeping phone so i had to get out of the comfortable bed to silence it. and there it was, clearly visible with the blinding backlight in the dark room: [b]Seventh Anniversary[/b]. she must have set that well in advance, a function that i even have with my very "advanced" up-to-date phone that i obviously didn't remember to do hehe.

so, what do i get for somebody whom is home-bound on a shoe-string budget? thought of getting her a long stalk of rose, cliché as it may sounds, it is something that i haven't done for a long time. what colour would be it be? i'll go0gle later for the right colour.


and by the way, i finally succumbed to the social pressure and are already in the process of procuring a maid. hopefully everything goes as planned and she'll give me more quality time with the children and lastchaos. and she'll take care of athyra as well as we hoped she'd be.

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