Monday, 3 November 2008

Eight Is a Generous Number

Happy Anniversary Sayang!

Though it could've started better, but time waits for no one. Still trying to figure out a way to be absolutely sure it's NOVEMBER and not DECEMBER. Thank God we got married in 2000 or I would have problem remembering it's eight years also. And I can still fit into that Nikah Ceremony baju melayu though :)


Anonymous said...


happy anniversary you guys :)


lazydaisy said...

happy anniversary mosh & wifey

seluar nikah baju melayu muatt lagi tak ??? kalau baju je muatt tak aci hee hee

mamarawks said...

happy anniversary mosh & wifey..

aiii generous tang greetings je ke? number should measure the present as well.. heheheh...

zan said...

happy anniversary!!

jgn laa wish saje...hadiahnya mana? kasik tunjuk kat sini :)

mosh said...

nonah: thanks ehehehe.

ld: eyy seluar pun boleh muat lagi la :p *suck in stomach*

rawker mama: numbers? millions can? ahahaha!

zan: hadiah dah bagi dalam perut :p. mana bley tunjuk? isk this blog rated G ok?

elisataufik said...

Selamat Ulangtahun Perkahwinan yang ke 8, Encik Suhairi dan Puan Sheena... !
Tambah lagi satu?

Myra said...

happy anniversary! :)

Lollies said...

elisa, tambah lagi satu apa tu? kalau baby sedang menambah lah tu? kalau wife...hahahahhaha kena pelangkunglah gamaknya.

pergh ingat tahun ni. terer

betul ke seluar muat?

Anonymous said...

8? i thought i was more than that

Anonymous said...

Tak caya ah. Seluar muat sebelah kaki je tuh.

Selamat Ulangtahun ke 8, Pinkman dan Shina!

butterflutter said...

Selamat Ulangtahun Ke 8!

Seluar muat masuk je tu...

mosh said...

Puan Tengku Elisa: Terima kasih terima kasih. Takkan nak tambah lagi satu cerita kat sini kot? ahahaha!

lols: tu lah i pun heran gak. Oxymoron would not even justify the act of nak cerita tambah lagi satu kat sini ahahaha! Ingat tahun should be no problem :p

eh betul seluar muat. baru pakai tu hari...

screwboy: err you're not my long lost son, are you? am i even capable of producing a son at that age?

rotienam: tak caya dah. when i wear one, i'll take photo masa pakai dulu-dulu and now.

tengkiu tengkiu.

bf: thanks. tapi kan *psst!* seluar tu ada getah tau sebab tu bley muat lagi ehehhee.

mosh said...

isk miss pulak myra

thanks myra *grins*

Gartblue said...

adakah betul seluar itu muat?

getah pun, kalau dah 8 tahun mau keras getahnya ..


anyways. happy anniversary!

You guys make the perfect-looking couple ever!

Anonymous said...

heh.. a missing t..


Jill said...

i await the now and then photo of the pants-in-discussion :D

happy anniversary mosh and sheena, and i echo gart in saying that you both look lovely together!

mosh said...

gb: after 8 years, i can assure you more than the getah yang keras ehehehehe.

best looking couple ever? wah... i know i can expect some easy compliments from you but that definitely topped it all.

screwboy: crucial t ehehehe.

jill: betul you :p. but to photograph and publish it would mean a gross indecency to the sanctity of this blog ehehe.

Myra said...

uish. nasib baik perasan. If not, i dah merajok dah. Hahha..