Monday, 10 November 2008

Some Craps

Hope leads to Disappointment
Disappointment leads to Resentment
Resentment leads to Anger
Anger leads to Wrath
Wrath leads to Insanity

Does it mean that we should give up hoping? I think not. Hope is what drives us human. Without hope there would be no vision, passion, excitement and triumphs. Conversely, without hope, there would be no sadness, pain, suffering and humility. Life would then would be such a dull, infinite void like a ship sailing in a middle of water with no land, no gigantic waves, no violent wind, no captain and no objective. Life would be so stagnant, boring and content.


ery kumagai said...


Anonymous said...

ahh.. another cryptic moment from the pink man..

at least you didn't cripple my el cheapo aluminum ladder haha

Gartblue said...

is come craps better than a lot of craps ?

*hopping over to investigate crap matter*

Anonymous said...

if there's lots of crap, at least you can make money out of that

elisataufik said...

Look at where the guy who wrote "The Audacity of Hope" is now.

Lollies said...

so sapa yang insane tu?

We put hope in the form of doa and our believe in his Qadar. Lest say our efforts must be there too.

mosh said...

mrs k: duly

screwboy: cryptic is as cryptic does. and tengkiu for the lifesaver ladder ehehehe.

gb: sorry dear couldn't share more ;). though i did answer your mandatory question.

screwboy again: hell yeah!

elisa: had to google for that. how apt! thanks!

lols: me can?

insyaallah. it's holding my thoughts together at least.

goboklama said...


Lana said...

gantung di situ, kawan..

mosh said...

gobok-takle-lama-sangat: ;)

lana: terima kasih juga kawan